Escort Istanbul

Having sex with an escort in one of the most cultural cities in the world

Istanbul is one of the places you should visit at least once in your life for many reasons. From the rich culture to amazing local cuisine, Istanbul has many ways of impressing its visitors. However, if you are in the mood for something more adventurous, you might want to go on a date with one of the most beautiful local women. At the same time, if you don’t have any time to waste, you can simply hire a professional companion and enjoy the company of the girl of your dreams during your stay in Istanbul.

Great news about prostitution and escort services. With Turkey is the fact that paying for companionship and sex has been legalized and it is regulated by the state. This means that you can easily find and get in touch with your new favorite escort Istanbul girls and spend as much time with them as you want. However, if you are still unsure about escorts in Istanbul and whether you should hire one, we are going to help you make an informed decision by analyzing all the major pros and cons of hiring an Istanbul VIP escort.

The benefits of hiring an escort Istanbul:

Theres alot of benefits hiring an escort in istanbul, and we will go over some of them, and maybe this will give you the last push to make the decision about going to an escort, and try to live out your fantasies!

  1. Escorting is legal and regulated in Turkey – This is a huge plus because not only can you easily find and hire an escort without having to worry about getting in trouble with the local law enforcement, but you also get to hire sex workers with valid working permits. This means that all these high-class escorts in Istanbul have to be drug-free and STD-free in order to do the job they are doing. This makes the entire experience significantly safer and minimizes all the risks usually connected to the escorting and prostitution.
  2. Beautiful Turkish women – Escorts in Istanbul are typically gorgeous Turkish women, but if you are in the mood for something different, you will be able to find escorts of different genders, sexual orientations, nationalities, body types, etc. working for the best Turkish escort agencies. From young Turkish women to shemale escorts of all ages, Istanbul has them all. When picking the escort you want to hire, you will get a huge variety of choices where you can pick exactly the type of person that gets your motor running. On top of that, the high-class escorts in Istanbul are not only beautiful but also intelligent and classy which means that you can do a lot more with them than just have sex. You can spend time together, share romantic dinners and walks in the most beautiful parts of Istanbul, or do basically anything the two of you feel like doing.
  3. A relationship with no commitment – When hiring an escort, one of the first things that most clients have in mind is the possibility of having a wild and adventurous relationship with no strings attached. Of course, calling it a relationship might be a bit of a stretch, although many clients pick their favorite call girl and continue seeing her for months or even years. It doesn’t matter if you want just one quick date or if you want to see the same escort on a regular basis; in both cases, there are no strings attached and you can date an escort for as long as you want with no commitment whatsoever.
  4. Sex on demand – We all have to jump through all kinds of hoops when we want to have sex in real life. Finding a sexual partner in a foreign country is not all that easy either. There might be a language barrier, a cultural barrier, and it could take a lot of time to find that one person who is willing to share this wild adventure with you. However, by hiring a call girl, you get to skip all these steps and get directly to the good stuff. Long story short, you get to have sex with the woman of your choosing whenever you feel like it. All it takes is one phone call and you are all set for a night of turning your sexual fantasies true.

The cons of hiring an escort in Istanbul:

We dont hope you will have a bad experience with an escort Istanbul, or Gürcistan escort if you’re doing outcall, but we will prepare you for any of the things that could happen, in the worst case. So please read the following list:

  1. The moral aspect – Many people are still struggling with the moral aspect of hiring an escort and aren’t sure if it is okay to pay for sex and companionship. And while we cannot tell you how you should feel about having sex for money, there is a silver lining worth mentioning and that is that in the countries where prostitution is legal, the majority of escorts do this job willingly and freely because it is a legitimate business. It is only wrong to hire an escort if you personally feel bad about it. However, if it makes you feel good and if you are not breaking any laws on the way, there is no reason why you should not pay for companionship and sex. That being said, you should always ensure that the girl is at least 18 years old or older.
  2. Scams and theft – Hiring an escort in Istanbul can be risky and there is no point in denying it. However, by taking a few simple precautionary measures, you can easily minimize these risks and get your money’s worth. It all starts with choosing a reliable and reputable service provider. Before choosing an escort Istanbul you want to hire, you should take a moment to do a little bit of research and see what Istanbul has to offer in the terms of the escort services. You can hire either an individual escort or an escort from an agency. Whichever option you choose, you should spend a moment talking to the call girl to ensure that you are on the same page, ask all the questions you might have, and see if anything down the way seems suspicious. Additionally, it would be smart if you tried to find as many reviews as possible to weed out the service providers that have proven themselves unreliable in the past.
  3. The possibility of getting an STD – Sexually transmitted diseases have always been a negative side of the sex industry and the best thing anybody can do is take the proper preventive measures. Luckily, in the countries like Turkey escort where prostitution has been legalized, all people who provide sexual services for money have to obtain a working permit and get tested for STDs on a regular basis – usually once every three months. However, even if the call girl you hired has a valid working permit and claims to be STD-free, you should still use protection every time you engage in any type of sexual acts with her. Bear in mind that the high-class escorts in Istanbul would never even consider agreeing to have unprotected sex with their clients and there is no point in you trying to convince them to forget about condoms and risk it.

Now that we have talked about the biggest pros and cons about hiring call girls in Istanbul, we have some additional tips to share with you to help you have the best experience possible with your new Turkish escort.

Make the escort feel more comfortable meeting you

We all know that the more comfortable you feel with a person, the more you are willing to give up. So the more professional you seem in the situation the better experience you will definitely get! Therefore, we have made a list to make the most of your visit with the escort.

Make the girl comfortable around you

It is important that the call girl is able to relax in your company if you want her to provide you with the best service possible. The more comfortable she is around you, the more motivated she will be to put an extra effort into her performance under the sheets. This means that you should ease into things and give her a moment to get used to your presence. When you first meet her, offer her a drink, talk to her for a while, and give both of you a moment to relax in each other’s company. Don’t ask too many personal questions because you asking about her private life might actually make her even more uncomfortable and that is definitely not what you want.

Arrive at the meeting clean and in fresh clothes

Before you meet with your escort from Istanbul or Antalya escort, you should take care of your personal hygiene because nothing can ruin the date with an escort as a client who is a big slob. Brush your teeth shortly before the meeting, take a quick refreshing shower, pick some nice and fresh clothes to put on, and generally try to make a good first impression. The escort will likely be willing to put an extra effort into her performance if she really likes you, but it is hard to like a client who hasn’t taken a shower in days and whose breath reeks of cigarettes and booze.

Don’t bring an additional person with you

This is more than a tip; it is one of the most important unwritten rules when dating an escort. Basically, if you are paying for a one-on-one experience, you have to be alone when the escort Istanbul arrives to meet you. Of course, in case you have asked for a threesome and the escort knows there will be one than more person present during your meeting, it is fine, but if the escort expects you to be alone, you indeed have to be alone from the moment she arrives until the moment she leaves.

Don’t take photos or videos without permission

You are not allowed to film or photograph your escort during your meeting with her unless she gives you a green light. That being said, before the escort arrives, you should disable all the cameras that you might have installed in your place, from the computer cam on your laptop to the security cams that could capture the moments you and your escort spend together. Even if you want to take a quick and innocent picture of your call girl during a romantic dinner, you should still ask for her permission and if she declines, under no circumstances should you take the picture anyway without her knowing about it.

Respect the escort Istanbul’s time

The call girls have to stick to their schedules if they want to make all their appointments in time. Unfortunately, some clients make it really hard for them by not respecting their time. You should be on time when meeting an escort and if you are late, you should always pay for the time you missed. Additionally, when the moment comes for you and the escort Istanbul to part your ways, you should not delay paying her to make her stay around longer. Simply pay as agreed and let her be on her way. And speaking of paying, the end of the meeting is not the moment for you to try and renegotiate the price. The price you had previously agreed to pay is final and now it is your turn to honor the agreement and pay the full price. Of course, if you are particularly happy with the service you received, you are more than welcome to give your escort a nice little tip and let her know that she did a good job.

Treat the escort professionally

The escort is a working professional just like any other service provider out there. This means that you should treat her with respect she deserves and always remember that even though you are paying for sex, this is still a business transaction and the escort needs to be treated professionally. Be kind and respectful because the worse you treat her, the worse service you will get. You should under no circumstances try to force the escort into doing things she doesn’t feel like doing because just like in real life, no means no. Every escort Istanbul has different rules and those rules have to be respected and followed. If you have any specific requirements or sexual fantasies, you should describe them before you book an appointment to ensure that the escort is indeed willing to participate in the activities that you have in mind. Only by ensuring that you and the call girl are on the same page before you book an appointment, you can ensure that you will get all the services you are hoping to get.