Escort Alicante

Some of the best high class escort in Spain

Are you thinking about hiring an escort in Alicante? You have made a good choice because there are thousands of high-class escorts in Spain and you can hire them legally and for a fair price. However, not all new clients know how exactly they should behave during their meeting with one of the top escort Alicantes or Palma de Mallorca escort. The truth is there are several unwritten rules that every escort client should follow and today, we are going to talk about the most important ones.

  1. Negotiating the price, do what you can, without being rude

    It is perfectly normal for a client to want to get the best value for their money. That being said, you are free to explore the offer in Alicante and choose the escort that offers you the best service for the money you are willing to spend. You can try to negotiate before you book the meeting and see where it gets you but the majority of escorts stick to their price lists and don’t go any lower than that. However, once you and the escort agree upon a specific price, there is no renegotiating. Trying to haggle after the services had been provided to you will get you marked as an undesirable client and there is a chance a reputable escort agency will refuse to provide you with their services the next time. Simply pay as agreed and don’t make too much fuss about it.

  2. No personal questions, only if she accepts the questions

    It is always a good idea to start a friendly conversation with your escort Alicante to make her feel more comfortable around you. However, you should try and keep the conversation light and avoid topics that the escorts generally don’t like to discuss. For example, asking personal questions about the escort’s private life is frowned upon and no escort actually wants to discuss her personal relationships, children, etc. with their clients.

  3. Forget about taking photographs of a escort Alicante

    Many new escort clients are not aware that they are not allowed to take photographs of their escort. You can always try and ask her if she would be okay with you snapping a picture, but 99% of escorts will refuse and you are by no means allowed to snap a shot anyway. An essential part of a successful business transaction between the escort and her client is respecting each other’s privacy. Keep that in mind at all times and don’t do anything that could compromise her private life in any way.

  4. Use protection, take care of yourself, and don’t ruin your life

    This one might seem pretty obvious, but we have to mention it anyway. When engaging in sexual acts with an escort Alicante or a Zaragoza escort, one should always wear protection – no exceptions. High-class escorts do not provide any services that involve unprotected sex so there is really no point in even asking. However, there are some prostitutes or low-class escorts who would agree to this kind of service but for your own sake, you should never do it. Just think about how many sexual partners the escort from Alicante has had and then think again if you really want to go there.