Escort Italy

Enjoy the perfect escort in one of the most cultural countries in the world

If you are thinking about hiring an escort in Italy, you have made the right choice because Italy is one of the European countries where you can pay for companionship and sex legally, and the offer of escorts is extraordinary. You can find the best Milan escorts, Rome escorts, or basically escorts in any big Italian city quickly and easily. However, the key is to know how to hire the right escort for the service you require.

Tips for choosing the right escort in Italy

  1. Learn the basics of the escort terminology – Italian escorts offer a huge variety of services designed to meet the needs of all kinds of clients. However, if you want to know what each of these services includes, you should get familiar with the escort lingo before you pick the experience you like best. Let’s take a look at the most popular services provided by the escorts in Italy.
  2. Non-full service – Not all services provided by the escorts include sexual activities and if you would like to pay for traditional companionship rather than for sex, you should search for the escorts that provide non-full service. Search for an Napoli Escort, Bologna escort, or Verona Escort any Italian town that you had in mind and focus on the high-class escorts who specialize in traditional companionship.
  3. Full service – For the clients who want to pay for sex, full service aka full companionship is the type of service they should ask for. However, you should specify exactly what kinds of sexual activities you had in mind because different sexual acts come at different prices. On top of that, by describing your requirements to the escort, you can ensure that the two of you are on the same page and that you will indeed receive the services you want. You can easily find escorts who provide the full service by searching for an escort located in any city in Italy that you had in mind, and we will try to find a perfect girl.
  4. Incall services – Incall services don’t exactly refer to the type of service you will receive; instead, by purchasing incall services you are paying for a meeting that will take place in the escort’s home. Many Italian escorts choose to do their job from the comfort of their own home but bear in mind that there are certain rules that each client should follow when going on an incall. First of all, the clients are not allowed to share the escort’s personal details including her address and her real name with other people. Additionally, they should always respect the escort’s property and try not to make too big a mess or destroy any furniture. Keep in mind that you are in someone’s home where all their personal stuff is and behave accordingly.
  5. Outcall services – The opposite of the incall services are the outcall services and they are provided to the clients at the location each client chooses. Some clients book a hotel room for a meeting with a call girl, while the others want the escort Italy to visit them in their home. It doesn’t matter what location you choose as long as it is a safe and comfortable one. Additionally, if you are meeting with an escort in a hotel, you don’t have to worry about other guests or the hotel staff noticing anything suspicious because the high-class escorts are all classy ladies who will blend right in with the rest of the crowd and no one will be able to tell that you are paying for their company.

When it comes to sexual services, we would advise you to do a little bit of research on your own and find out how the particular experiences you are interested in are called in the escorting language. However, if you don’t understand all the terms used during your conversation with an escort Italy, don’t hesitate to ask for an explanation.

Find the escorts specializing in the services you are interested in

Since there are many different services and experiences that the Italian escorts provide, it is essential that you find a service provider who specializes in the services you are interested in. For example, a client who wants an experience with a BDSM dominant call girl should not hire an escort who provides non-full service only. The key is to know exactly what kind of service you want to pay for and to choose the escort accordingly.

Search for the escort Italy’s reviews

Ensuring that an escort is reliable and trustworthy before you hire her is of the utmost importance. There are many ways to determine which service providers are worth your money and which are not. Start by searching for their ads, checking out their websites with the photos of the call girls available for hire and the description of the services each of them provides and weeding out those that seem suspicious for one reason or another. Once you find the escorts you like the most, find their reviews to see if the other clients were satisfied with the services provided to them. Online reviews are a great tool for determining which escorts are worth spending money on and which are not.

Talk to the escort about your requirements and needs

Once you find the escort from Italy who seems to match your needs and has lots of positive reviews, it is time to determine if she is the right match for you. Get in touch with her and discuss the services you require as well as the prices. If you are not happy with the deal you got, try contacting other escorts as well and see which one gives you the best offer for the money you are willing to spend. However, stay away from the suspiciously cheap service providers, especially if there is no available information about them and no reviews.

Once you are happy with the choice you made, book an appointment with the escort Italy you like best and enjoy your time together. If you want to make your experience with an escort as best as possible, you can take a few extra steps that will help you at that.

Tips for achieving the best experience with an escort

Mutual respect is the foundation every successful business relationship between an escort and a client is built upon. There are several things a client should respect when it comes to meeting the escort:

Respect the escort’s time

Don’t be late for your appointment with an escort or at least let her know if you absolutely cannot avoid being late. If you need to cancel the appointment, don’t wait until the last minute to let her know; notify her of the cancellation as soon as possible to give her a chance to book another client instead. Also, when your time with an escort expires, don’t hang around for too long and don’t make her stay with you longer than agreed by delaying the payment. If you want to spend some extra time with an escort, you can always pay for it if the escort is available to give you more time. However, don’t be a disappointment if she cannot stay longer because there is a very good chance she has another client booked after you.

Respect the escort’s boundaries and rules she sets up

Every escort Italy is different and they all have unique rules and boundaries. If the escort isn’t willing to participate in certain activities that you have in mind, you should never try to force her into doing them anyway. No means no and the fact that you are paying for someone’s time does not mean that you get to do whatever you want during the time the two of you spend together.

Respect the escort’s prices and dont bargain

The escort will tell you exactly how much each of her services costs and once you agree to pay a certain price, you have to honor your part of the deal and pay as agreed. Refusing to pay for the services provided to you or trying to get a better price when the time for you to pay comes is a big no-no and it could get you permanently banned from all reputable escorts available for hire in Italy.

Respect the escort’s privacy, and don’t try to push her

The escorts are people with their own personal lives and you should respect their privacy as much as they respect yours. This means that you should never ask too many personal questions, you should never share the escorts address or other personal information with other people, and you should never try to film, record, or photograph your escort during your meeting without permission. Additionally, if you are visiting your escort in her home, you should try not to attract too much attention when arriving and departing. Try search for Como escort.

Make a good first impression and be yourself

The first impression is what can make or break an entire date with an escort. After all, the more the escort likes you, the more motivated she will be to please you. If you want to make a good first impression, the first thing you should keep in mind is your personal hygiene. Brush your teeth, take a shower, put on clean clothes, shave, and look as nice as possible when the escort arrives to meet you.

Additionally, you should treat the escort like a gentleman which means that you should help her relax in your company, especially if you notice that she feels nervous around you. Have several friendly conversational topics prepared to give her a moment to get comfortable in your company, offer her a drink in an unopened bottle, and generally try not to be too eager the moment she walks through your door.

Be sure to have the right amount of money for the service you want

When the escort arrives at the meeting and before she starts to provide you with the services you ordered, she will likely ask you to see the money you have agreed to pay. You should have the exact amount of cash with you because if you don’t, you will not receive any services at all. Also, keep in mind that if you need to go to the ATM and withdraw the cash, you should do it before the meeting starts because you are going to pay for all the time you miss. If you are happy with the escort’s performance, you are welcome to award her with a tip. However, we would recommend you not to bring too much cash with you because something might go missing. Bring only as much as you need and keep your valuable stuff somewhere safe. If you want to be extra safe, you should never leave the escort in the room alone for too long. For example, if you need to take a shower before or after sex, ask the escort to join you in the bathroom or maybe even in the shower.

Practice safe sex, and don’t compromise no matter how horny you are

We cannot stress enough how important it is that all clients practice safe sex when it comes to engaging in sexual activities with an escort. The good news is that the licensed sex worker have all been tested for STDs and are clean, but that doesn’t mean that you should not use protection when having sex with them. In fact, no reputable high-class escort Italy would ever agree to provide sexual services with no protection, and you should respect that rule without making too much fuss about it. After all, this rule is in place for both of your sake and it is non-negotiable. If you want to be extra safe, we would advise you to bring your own condoms to ensure that they have not expired or been tampered with. Also, by buying your own condoms you can pick the size that fits you and the type of condoms that you prefer using.