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If you are thinking about hiring a professional escort in one of Switzerland’s cities, the easiest way to do so is by searching for Züirch escort, or geneva escort and other related terms in your internet browser.

However, finding an escort Switzerland available for hire is not enough if you want to have the best experience and get your money’s worth. First of all, you have to understand how hiring an escort in Switzerland works, what escort services the sex workers in Switzerland provide, and you should also be familiar with the basics of the escort lingo and the descriptions each escort service that catches your attention.

Lets help you decide what to pick

An escort or a call girl is a person providing the escort services to the clients who make an appointment with them. Escort services can be divided into two major categories which as the full service and the non-full service. The full service includes sexual activities as a part of the deal while the non-full services include traditional companionship only.

People often make a mistake of thinking that the escort Switzerlands are basically the same thing as prostitutes, but there are several major differences between these two types of escort providers that you should be familiar with. A prostitute provides sexual services in exchange for money, but she does not offer traditional companionship as a high-class escort does. If, for example, you wanted to take a sex worker with you on one of your upcoming business trips, you would have to hire an escort for this type of service because prostitutes usually don’t do international bookings.

Some of the best escorts in Europe are placed in Switzerland

On top of that, while you can hire a prostitute off the streets of all big cities in Switzerland, you will never find a high-class escort walking the streets, looking for clients. The escorts run an appointment-based business and you have to get in touch with them, go through a verification process, agree on the price, pick a time and a location, and book a meeting in advance in order to hire them. Escorts usually work in escort agencies or individually, and we are going to explain the difference between the two below.

An escort agency is an agency that serves as a connector between the escorts and the clients. The perks of hiring an escort from an agency include the possibility to pay the agency hence avoiding to bring money with you to the meeting with an escort from switzerland, a wide variety of call girls available for hire, several payment options, and usually at least some form of proof of quality. Every reputable escort agency is constantly working on improving their services and they only hire the best escorts to do the job.

An individual escort, on the other hand, works without an agency and handles all aspects of her business alone. This means that if you decide to hire an individual escort, you will have to contact them directly, book a meeting, check if they are willing to visit you at the location of your choice or if you will have to meet them in their home, and then pay them directly at the spot. Hiring an individual escort is usually considered a bit riskier than hiring one from a reputable escort agency. However, if you find a call girl that has some positive reviews and that you feel good about, feel free to give it a go.

Finding a brothel

Brothels can be a house, an apartment building, or an entire street of rooms where the escorts and/or prostitutes provide their services. In the majority of countries where prostitution is legal, running a brothel is prohibited by law – luckily, Switzerland is not one of those countries and operating a brothel is legal as long as the owner has all necessary legal documentation. The biggest plus of meeting a call girl directly in a brothel is the fact that you get to see all girls available for hire in flesh rather than choosing them based on their photos.

Should you try street prostitution

It is an entirely different type of service than escorting, and unlike escort services, it is illegal in Switzerland with the exception of the specially designated areas in the largest cities. And while hiring a street prostitute is usually cheaper than paying for a high-class escort, the quality of services provided by these two types of professionals is incomparable and we would strongly advise you to opt for an escort Switzerland rather than hiring a prostitute.

General or traditional companionship is a type of service that is exclusive to the escorts because prostitutes do not provide this kind of experience to their clients. Traditional companionship includes no sexual activities during the time you and the call girl spend together and the focus of this service is simply to have someone to keep you company and to have fun with. There is no way of saying how the escorts and the clients spend their time together and basically, anything goes as long as both the escort and the client are fine with it.

Full companionship, on the other hand, is the term used to describe the escort services involving sexual activities. In Switzerland, and looking for basel escort, or other locations the escorts are allowed to provide their clients with full service and charge for sexual activities. It is up to you and the escort to determine which specific sexual activities the two of you will engage in together and which are off limits. Keep in mind that every escort from switzerland has her own set of rules and boundaries, as well as her own price list. Once you hire an escort and agree to pay a certain price, you have to honor your part of the deal and pay as agreed. You should also respect your call girl’s rules and restrictions at all times, especially when it comes to sexual activities, and never pressure her into doing things she isn’t comfortable with or that she explicitly refused to do.