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France is filled with excellent sexual services, a saucy history, and a flourishing secret sex business. If you find yourself crossing French borders and wake up horny, look no further than Escort69 for your sexual satisfaction. This enormous database lists a considerable number of escort and other sex workers, just waiting to fulfil your sexual fantasies and desires. The site is continually growing, and you are in for a multitude of sexual choices. 

The site is listed and designed for a French audience. However, the google translate feature means this fantastic sexual database is also accessible to English speakers. France has always been a sexy country, but, as of 2016, the prostitution laws got confusing! It is legal for a man or woman to be a prostitute and sell sexual acts, but it is illegal to buy them. Also, owning and operating a brothel is illegal. 

Despite this, sites like Escort69 and the French sex work scene thrive! Sex work and the exchange of sex for money is as old as time. There is nothing shameful or stereotypical about this; sex work is simply a mixing of business and pleasure. Sexual services can include full-blown sex, foreplay, roleplay, or sex dates. What each interaction and business arrangement entails explicitly is up to negotiation. 

But always remember, these women are professional. This is their job. Look at sex work and escort arrangements like any contract business agreement and come at all discussions and interactions with respect, consent, and clear expectations. 

Why should I use Escort 69 France?

Escort 69 is a continually expanding database that includes numerous models and services across its forums. It offers photographs of girls, upfront, transparent descriptions, and contact details of regulated and discrete brothels and escort services. Whether you want to visit an Escort 69 featured parlour (which is code for brothel), or you want to organize a 'sex date' with an escort, this French site is sure to help you find sexual satisfaction!

France has always engaged in sex work in some capacity. The history of prostitution is an interesting one! In the Middle Ages, France tolerated and even supported and governmentally organized prostitution. Buildings were sex work took place paid a lease to authorities and were generally run by the church. These public brothels were indicated by a red lantern lit by the keeper of the house during opening hours. This may be the origin of the red light district. 

Be sure you choose the right type of service

However, other historians disagree about the origins of the term. A red-light district, like those listed on the Escort 69 France forums, is a common phrase for an area or block dedicated almost solely to strip clubs, sex clubs, and brothels. The phrase refers to any space with a high concentration of sex-oriented trading posts, businesses, or workers. The expression is typically associated with female street prostitution, though modern red-light districts involve male prostitution and LGBQITA friendly venues. 

But why use the term red-light? The phrase appears as early as the 1890s. Many claim the phrase is drawn from the red lanterns early railroad workers would take with them when they visited brothels. They took these red lights with them so their crew could find them in case of an emergency, leaving brothel windows awash with red light and brothel districts shrouded in red light. This folklore phrase stuck and is now applied to newer areas that specialize in brothels and sex work. 

Other etymology explanations claim that the term red-light district is drawn from the prostitutes that use to welcome sailors back to shore in Amsterdam. The red light was a sign that these women were available for sexual pleasures. As the men from the sea only had a limited amount of time ashore and the competition was fierce in port towns, these lights served as an immediate visual marker for who was available and when. 

After the middle ages, France prostitution experienced random and sudden bursts of repression. During the crusades, religious morality became a regal concern and prostitutes were forced into hiding. Only after protests (because everyone loves sex!) did King Louis the 9th allow 'Public women' to return to their profession, albeit outside the walls of the city! Facing even more protests, the Kind eventually let prostitution and brothels move to the right bank of the Seine. This became known as the Rue du Poil Au Con (or Street of Pubic Hair) and the Rue Tire Vit (Or Pull-Cock Street). Over the next few centuries, prostitution was tolerated and then cracked down upon. It seemed the sex trade could find no stability in France! 

What do you do today with an escort in france?

Then came the French Revolution and sex work was allowed by omission from the new government's astringent laws. This tolerance continued until the modern age, where morality police sought to change prostitutes status in France. Nowadays, it's a problematic legal line to walk- as solicitation is illegal, and yet prostitution is not. 

This extensive and interesting history means that Escort 69 France has the weight of establishment and history on its side. The women are experienced and will find new and exciting ways to show you pleasure. Because of this Escort 69 in France is widely regarded as a leading industry database. With videos, cam-girls, and a variety of in-person sexual services; whatever you desire in the realm of sexual satisfaction Escort 69 France will be able to provide you with options. These options may include curvy girls, petite girls, women of colour, Russian girls, Asian women, or cougars. These are all categories listed on Escort 69 France- and more. 

Escort 69 has all you need

Escort 69 France is a fabulous way to browse through these categories and find which type of service matches your desires. There is no need to feel shame no matter where your sexual desires lie. Cougars, for example, are a highly popular category. The term cougar refers to an older woman and this means these women will have more experience and will be able to fulfil your sexual fantasies with confidence and aplomb. 

On the other hand, young girls are the opposite of cougars. These are young women- all over the age of 18- who will lack the experience of older workers. However, this means the girls are fresh and enthusiastic. Plus there is something so hot about have a young girl fulfil your sexual desires. The young girl category often refers to women under the age of 25. If you have a specific age restriction or requirement, then you can specify this on the filters provided. The Escort 69 France filters are easy to navigate and use, but, be warned when using the translation feature, sometimes the search bar doesn’t work to the best of its ability. 

Other categories include curvy girls. These women can be larger women with a lot to grab onto, or they can simply be women with bigger curves and an hourglass figure. You can browse through the photographs of the girls on offer to find the right amount of curvy for you. Most profiles will list bra cup sizes, so if you are looking for curves in terms of breast size, you will be in luck! Alternatively, you can search for plus-sized women if you like bigger women for your sexual employ. 

Petite women are much smaller than curvy women. They tend to be thinner and more demure. There is nothing like a small girl that a man can pick up to make a man feel masculine. Because of this petite women are often in high demand. 

Other categories include cam-girls and women of specific ethnicities. You can count on all the women listed to be able to communicate in French. Obviously, English is a big advantage in the French sex market, so many workers will also speak passable English regardless of their ethnicity. By far the most represented nationalist on Escort 69 France is that of Eastern European women. Because of this, you can find many beautiful girls from the Mediterranean area. These women are characterised by dark features, golden skin, and gorgeous curves. Alternatively, women from the Czech Republic and Russia are paler and featured more golden features. Whatever you so desire, Escort 69 France is sure to be able to provide you with a wide array of women to help you find sexual release. 

What can you expect from the website?

The site itself is clunky and difficult to navigate. Sometimes advertisements and pop-ups detract from the experience, so we recommend downloading an ad-blocker before browsing the site. On the other hand, these pop-ups feature good deals on visiting workers and often list ‘specials’ on Escort 69 France featured sex parlours or venues. The scrolling ‘featured’ list shows visiting workers, one time deals, and special occasions. Like any other industry, Escort 69 France strives to keep it’s Johns engaged, entertained, and horny. They do this by titillating photographs, videos, featured cam-girls, and allowing dirty talk in all advertisements and listings. Please note a lot of the worker’s faces are heavily blurred for protection, and no one- neither Johns in the comments, agencies, or the women themselves- should and can post any personal information on the database. 

How to get started with Escort 69?

So the first question you need to ask yourself is this: what am I looking for? What is it that really turns me on? If you are into rough sex, BDSM, or any other subsection of sexual play that involves rough play, it is an excellent idea to be upfront with the agency or call-girl you are interested in. This ensures that everyone stays clear and aware of expectations and means there will not be any awkward disappointment down the track. 

Many clients don't know what they want from an escort, and that's ok! Perhaps it's time to use this professional and safe, discrete experience to experiment. Remember that these women are non-judgemental and will treat you with nothing but patience and respect if you treat them the same. 

A lot of clients simply want a quick and fuss-free sexual release from a professional. They want basic foreplay and a penetrative orgasm. If this is what you are looking for in an escort or call-girl, then you can contact almost any girl on the Escort 69 website, and she will be happy to help you find sexual satisfaction. 

Why do people hire escorts?

There are several reasons why people hire escorts.

First of all, escorts and sex are naughty. It's a hidden, taboo thing which adds to the forbidden pleasure element. There is nothing more arousing than being a little bit naughty, and hiring an escort is a simple way of being a little bit bad. Escort 69 knows this and taps into the forbidden pleasure element of your brain. 

Secondly, and most obviously, people hire an escort to get aroused and find sexual satisfaction. Sexual pleasure is like a drug. Sex is, after all, a basic human need no one can ignore. Some people watch porn because they desire sex, or because they are in a relationship with differing sex drives. Some people hire an escort for the same reasons! It's an easy way to 'get yourself off and channel those erotic thoughts and desires into something visual and consumable. 

Thirdly, many people use sex as an educational tool. That's right. Younger people and virgins often explore the escort scene as a means of understanding sex. In a survey of 2500 university students in the UK found that 60% watched porn to get information about sex, and some 5% of students engaged in paid sex work for similar reasons. This obviously isn't a great idea- considering how far escorts are from real life.

Some viewers also watch porn or hire escorts to help cure loneliness. It's a quick fix and a great distraction from hard and horrid days. And an excellent form of escapism. We all know that porn and prostitutes aren't real relationships isn't real. It's completely detached from the real world and acts as a fantasy. 

The sex industry also has endless sexual variety and is a great way to explore fetishes, positions, and sexual fantasies. You never get bored or embarrassed with sex workers; everyone is professional. Escort 69 has thousands of these professionals listed on their site, and with such a comprehensive set of listings, you will be hard-pressed to get bored. 

Dont be ashamed wanting sex

Sex is a natural part of being human, and between 60-99% of men globally watch porn. And everyone (except monks) engages in sexual intercourse. This is a considerable amount. It's a relatively healthy thing to do, and on Escort 69 finding and engaging with your ideal sex partner is as easy as a search bar and click away. The only danger of escort services is getting lost in the fantasy. Remember, those sex workers are paid for sex! 

Hiring a sex worker is a normal activity. Studies should over 10% of men in the UK have employed an escort in the past. Who doesn't get horny sometimes? These men included businessmen, teachers, chefs, entrepreneurs, and priests. Judging by this study and the clients we see using Escort 69 France- hiring a sex worker is a normal activity. It is natural to feel horny and so it is natural to have that need filled. Having it filled by a professional just makes the situation simple and clear cut. It’s as easy as agreeing on a price, time slot, and act. Once your time is up, all commitment and repercussions are dealt with- leaving no room for worry or confusion. 

Escort 69 is the place to go to find your next orgasmic French adventure. With options such as brothels, nudist clubs, strip clubs, and cam-girl chat sites; Escort 69 knows what it's the client wants and offers it in abundance. Whether you are looking for a niche fetish, or you want penetrative sex and oral pleasure, Escort 69 will have the right model or girl for you to live out your fantasy. If you are after a niche fetish, however, make sure to call ahead or check that the girl you choose is comfortable with this act. Otherwise, you might be disappointed as time goes on. They value protecting privacy, ensuring cleanliness, and providing a wide range of options for browsers to choose from. Overall, this means a lot of choice for the discerning client and assured satisfaction!

The most crucial aspect of any contact with sex workers is respect. These ladies are experts and need to be treated as such. You are charging for a service that they provide; therefore, any disdain is unethical and will lower the chance of a woman choosing to engage in business with you. Being transparent about what you expect from your time, what acts you want to participate in, and your limits are imperative to guarantee a respectful, smooth, and fulfilling business arrangement. And always be polite! Just because this industry has been shrouded in shame and shadows, and kept in alleyways away from the public eye, does not mean that workers are not worthy of politeness, kindness, and understanding. After all, these women are still service staff providing a unique, powerful, and appreciated service.