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Spalumi prides itself on being the oldest escort and sexual service provider in Spain. It also has a brilliant selection of sexual, free videos of Spanish women! Spalumi also lists a wide range of sex workers including details, contact options, and usually reviews of the girl. This is a much more accurate way to guarantee you have the best sexual experience possible.

Spalumi is a massive database of sex workers from across Spain. Advertising themselves as offering the pearls of the nation, Spalumi Spain offers photos, models, massage girls, and prostitutes from around the world. From beautiful petite girls to curvy dominatrixes, or exotic style submissives, Spalumi has a range of services and girls available for any Spanish client or tourist. These ladies are beautiful examples of Spanish women, and the database describes the girls on offer as "hot and ready to serve."

The site bases itself on providing the best sexual satisfaction money can buy and can source women from across Spain to suit your needs! Many of the women listed of Spalumi emigrated to Spain post the 1995 legalization of prostitution in search of better pay, regulated work, and decent working conditions. This means your clientele supports their livelihoods and you can rest assured that the welfare and security of the women listed are verified and regulated.

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What categories can I find on Spalumi Spain?

The choice on Spalumi is endless, and the site can be found in Spanish, Portuguese, or English - meaning there is something for everyone! The site is predominantly based in Spain, which may affect the language the videos are shot in, but that is a small price to pay for some high quality, free sex videos. Whether you just have an itch to scratch, are looking to relax, or fancy escaping into your sexual fantasy, Spalumi Spain can help!

Remember that porn can be addictive and is far removed from reality. Even amateur pornography is staged, acted, and performed. It is not a real representation of that couple sex life, and cannot be compared to any real-life relationships you may have. Taking a break from porn is essential to keep a grip on reality and to make sure you are treasuring and protecting your real-life relationships.

Below we list some of the categories most popular on Spalumi.

Amateur Pornography

Sometimes professional just isn't better. Instead of glitzy glamour and airbrushed thighs in candlelight, it's refreshing (and hot) to see healthy couples going at it. The benefits of amateur porn are endless. Most of the time, the pair are really enjoying themselves with real orgasms, and less acted pleasure. There is also great chemistry between actors/ couples in amateur pornography. This category is definitely the most lifelike and realistic. These people aren't famous porn stars, and instead just like having sex with one another- making for excellent viewing!

Bisexual Pornography

Bisexual is the B in LGBQTI and means someone who is attracted to more than one gender. Bisexual porn is great for the diversity and can get pretty impressive, with multiple partners who all are attracted to one another. This is different from regular threeway porn, which usually only includes heterosexual interactions- like two men going at one woman or vice versa. Bisexual porn, by necessity, means everyone is equally involved and into one another in the scenario.

Bondage Pornography

Bondage is the B in BDSM. BDSM stands for Bondage Discipline Sadism and Masochism and involves two roles in a sexual power play. One person is the dominant party, and the other is submissive. The dom uses humiliation, whipping, and other forms of pain for sexual satisfaction. This can be merely using the submissive's body for pleasure, or involve spanking, slapping, and namecalling. Bondage is a whole subsection of porn devoted to tying up a submissive sexual party. This usually includes handcuffs, sex swings, blindfolds, and other forms of bondage. This is a hugely popular category, and Spalumi has plenty of options for you to choose from.

MILF / Cougar Porn

MILF porn often falls under step-mom/ step-sister categories. But cougar porn is a whole category unto itself. Cougar, mature, or MILF porn are seasoned, experienced woman who often sleep with younger men. This category is basically the opposite of the young girl category and features knowledgeable and accomplished women.

Young Girls

All women who appear in porn need to be over the age of eighteen. However, women in their early twenties and eighteen and nineteen-year-olds comprise the category of young girls on Spalumi Spain. While cougars are experienced women, most young girls are new to the porn and sex game. This is great for enthusiasm levels! With Spalumi’'s younger girl categories, the girls are playful, fresh, and attractive.

Gang Bang

A gang band is any videos where several people engage in sexual activity with one specific person over some time. That means one person gets all the fun! Usually, this is one woman surrounded by several men. Reverse Gang Bangs are also typical on Spalumi Spain, which features one man with multiple women. A gang bang is different to bisexual porn as only one person is the focus of all the sexual acts. This type of porn has been increasingly popular since the onset of the internet and is the subject of many fantasies and sex clubs. Gang bangs happen in real life at swing clubs and some nudist clubs.

Lesbian Porn

Lesbian porn is good old fashioned girl on girl action. Lesbian porn features women engaging in sex with other women, often with the assistance of dildos or strap ons. Generally, statistics show that more women than men watch lesbian porn- perhaps because it's so focused on female pleasure. Lesbian porn has always been trendy and has many different subsections and variants within the section. You can explore Spalumi to find the best of Spanish lesbian porn free online.

MMF Threeways

MMF threeways require two men and one woman and everyone engages in sexual activity with one another. Threeways are versatile, can fall into many different subcategories, and are massively popular online. Some threeways are purely bisexual with everyone engaging with one another, and others are more focused on the woman involved in an MMF threeway. Spalumi Spain has a massive range of MMF threeways to choose from.

FMF Threeways

Female Male Female threeways are the same as above, with switched gender ratios.

Gay Porn

Gay porn is a broad category on any online porn database. Gay porn is when two or more men engage in sexual actions. No women are involved, though they are sometimes present.


Bukkake is a relatively common porn fetish where one woman is ejaculated on by several other people.

Roleplay Porn

Sometimes fantasy is the biggest turn on. Roleplay porn involves actors playing a scene or a role before acting out a sexual interaction.

Foot Porn

The name says it all. Foot porn is for those who have a foot fetish. This category includes many videos of people engaging in sexual acts featuring their feet. There is a surprising amount of sex acts that can be performed with feet, so be surprised with the variety.

Why do people watch pornography or employ an escort from Spalumi?

There are several reasons why people watch pornography or hire an escort.

First of all, pornography and escorts are forbidden. It's a hidden, taboo thing which adds to the forbidden pleasure element. There is nothing more arousing than being a little bit naughty, and porn is a harmless way of being a little bit naughty. Spalumi Spain knows this and taps into the forbidden pleasure element of your brain.

Secondly, and most obviously, people watch porn to get aroused and use an escort for sexual satisfaction. Sexual pleasure is like a drug. Sex is, after all, a basic human need no one can ignore. Some people watch porn because they desire sex, or because they are in a relationship with differing sex drives. It's an easy way to 'get yourself in the mood' and channel those erotic thoughts and desires into something visual and consumable.

Thirdly, many people use sex as an educational tool. That's right. Younger people and virgins often explore pornography as a means of understanding sex. In a survey of 2500 university students in the UK found that 60% watched porn to get information about sex. This obviously isn't a great idea- considering how far glamourised, and extreme porn is from real-life sex.

Some viewers also watch porn or hire an escort to help cure loneliness. It's a quick fix and a great distraction from hard and horrid days. And an excellent form of escapism. We all know that porn and escorts aren’t real. It's completely detached from the real world and acts as fantasy land.

Porn also has endless sexual variety and is a great way to explore fetishes, positions, and sexual fantasies. You never get bored or embarrassed with porn; it's an anonymous way to enjoy your kicks and explore new sexual realms. Spalumi Spain has thousands of videos for free online in HD for you to explore, and with such a comprehensive set of listings, you will be hard-pressed to get bored.

Closing thoughts

Sex is a natural part of being human, and between 60-99% of men globally watch porn. This is a considerable amount. It's a relatively normal thing to do, and on Spalumi Spain finding and watching your ideal porn is as easy as a search bar and click away. The only danger of porn is getting lost in the fantasy. Remember that porn is not a real representation of sex; just like movies aren't an authentic representation of a normal life. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the fantasy!

Sex work and the exchange of sex for money is as old as time. There is nothing shameful or stereotypical about this; sex work is simply a mixing of business and pleasure. Sexual services can include full-blown sex, foreplay, roleplay, or sex dates. What each interaction and business arrangement entails explicitly is up to negotiation.

But always remember, these women are professional. This is their job. Look at sex work and escort arrangements like any contract business agreement and come at all discussions and interactions with respect, consent, and clear expectations.

Remember when engaging with any women in the sex industry, the most important part of any proceeding is respect and safety. As a client, you need to respect boundaries and work to ensure the safety of both yourself and the girl you are working with. This safety includes using protection in the form of condoms or dams. Respect looks like using polite language in all proceedings.

Respect in the sex industry looks like clear, straightforward conversations about consent, expectations, payments, and time scales. Most escorts and prostitutes will not accept any form of haggling. They know the expected rate for pay and will stick to these numbers. It’s best to listen and research service market values before engaging in a business discussion with an escort or brothel worker. You can do this online at Spalumi Spain’s database!