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Sexnord.Net markets itself as an erotic guide to all of Northern Germany’s sex worker needs.

Whether you are looking for nudist clubs, brothels, escort services, or to hire a prostitute, Sexnord boasts a wide range of services, sexy girls, and acts a database for finding your next orgasm.

While specific to the German populace, many of the workers listed or advertised on SexNord also speak English. In addition, the website has translation features making it accessible for the English consumer.

Why choose SexNord?

SexBord is a comprehensive database. Whether you are looking for a dominatrix to whip you into line, an escort, a camgirl, a she-male model, or a specific fetish niche; SexNord will have it listed. If it’s sexy and found in Germany, you can find it on this website.

Sex work, whatever facet the individual specialises in, was legalised in 2002 when Germany passed a law legalising prostitution. The legalisation was an excellent thing for the wider community and sex workers: allowing protection, contractual guarantees, and keeping everyone safe and happy. The world’s oldest profession has always been tolerated in Germany. Even in the 19th Century, a bizarre law existed where prostitution and brothels were legal if a policeman was present. I suppose that’s nice if you like an audience.

Since 2002, however, there is no need for a police officer to watch any brothel dealings. In fact, Germany is known as “Aldi for prostitutes,” for the ease of access and low prices of prostitute dealings. hacks into this ease of access and provides photo listings of many of the workers available in Northern Germany. Some of the niches they list include dominatrix works, she-male models, escort services, nudist clubs, brothels, and sex dates.

Whatever services you are looking for, however, remember to engage respectfully with the girls from the first contact. These women are professionals and need to be treated as such. Being clear about what you expect from your interactions, what acts you want, and your boundaries are essential to ensure a respectful, smooth, and fulfilling business arrangement. site has been active for over 12 years and has a higher than average trust rating on Scam Adviser. Overall, they deal well with privacy, protect users, and offer accurate depictions of the services and girls they advertise. This portal values it’s, members and workers. It always seeks to provide a fun, rewarding, and sexy experience for its clients and provides a great access point into the adult work world of Northern Germany.

We recommend looking through the site before engaging any models or services in conversation. Find what it is you’re looking for. Everybody has a different thing they prefer in the bedroom, and this site offers it all. They also update their database and service listings regularly to reflect a growing market.

And boy is the German sex market booming! Since 2002 there has been a massive rise in the adult work market with over 200 000 workers estimated to be registered in 2009. That’s a lot of choice for the horny client. This makes great for experience sex clientele and first-timers looking to enter the scene. Whether this is a one-off after a dry spell or your regular monthly fun, SexNord will have the right model for you!

Why would I choose to use SexNord to find an escort?

Firstly, finding an escort can be daunting. Even if you are a repeat client (and there are plenty) or a first-timer looking to get your sexy fix, finding an escort should be about finding the right partner in the right place for the right sex acts at the right price. This takes some research and viewing lots of fun. There’s quite a thrill in looking at photos of girls and knowing that they are available to you. Just remember that the final say in any transaction will come down to the girl/ model and so it is essential to respect her.

A degree of professionalism is needed when dealing with sex workers and adult workers. Just because the service is an intimate one, does not mean that the lines of business get to be blurred. Be explicit about what you expect from interactions; about what you are willing to pay; and about what you want. This clarity doesn’t mean interactions have to be stale! Quite the contrary.
Long term business relationships between clients and sex workers occur all the time! If you are a repeat client, then expect a degree of intimacy and friendship to evolve.

What kind of models will I find on

First and foremost, you’ll find Germans. However, because of the legality and protection awarded to sex workers in Germany post-2002 law changes, there are a number of sex workers from all over the world who have relocated to this magnificent region to engage in adult acts. Below we have listed some of the categories you can find of


For those of us who like to be dominated, SexNord,.net has a whole category dedicated to dominatrix models who love to be in charge. Dominatrix work at humiliating, dominating, or punishing clients for sexual gratification. It’s a widespread fetish brought into the mainstream by books like Fifty Shades of Grey. When meeting and engaging with a dominatrix, the most important things to remember are to establish rules.

Keep things safe, sane, and consensual. The best thing about the Dominatrix niche? Almost anything can be found here with the right model. Maybe you’re into small penis humiliation, where you’re partner mocks the size of your dick for your sexual gratification. This can be super fun so if you’ve never tried it before, using a small penis humiliation specialising dominatrix might be the way to start.

Other BDSM subsets include cuckolding, impact play, bondage, and slave-master role-playing. By far the most popular service a dominatrix will provide in slave-master-esque role play, whipping, and bondage. offers a range of professional dominatrix for a client to browse and choose from. These will be able to provide any and all dominatrix services you desire and will always operate in a safe, consensual way.

She-Male Models

The phrase she-male isn’t always respectful. Remember that just because a person is a sex worker doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of respect. Respect is always the number one rule of adult and sex work. The phrase ‘she-male’ might be used on websites, but it always pays to have a candid discussion about boundaries, identification, and pronouns.

She-male is another word for a trans-woman or people with male genitals and breasts. That means people identify as a woman, but haven’t undergone surgery. This represents a booming niche in the sex work industry. has a whole category of she-male sex workers and models for you to browse through.

Nudist Clubs

Nudist clubs are pretty self-explanatory. They are basically clubs or groups where everyone hangs out naked! Get your skin on skin fix and use’s range of nudist clubs to find you next nude getaway. These clubs don’t necessitate sex acts, so make sure you are clear on the rules, expectations, and what’s allowed.

Nudist clubs are also called naturalist clubs and can be dance halls to yoga retreats. The one thing they all have in stock in the lack of clothing! Get naked, get comfortable, and get ready for some nude fun at one of the many nudist clubs listed on Nudist clubs are great fun for solo explorers or couple looking for some naughty fun. Remember that Germany is renowned for its nudist clubs and accepting approach to couples and sex acts or Sex Dates.

Sex dates are a grey area. In short, a sex date is a date designated solely for sex. They can involve dinner, a more intimate and personal occasion, or a walk; but the end goal is sex. This is 100% ok and can be a great way to ease into the company of your desired partner. After all, you want to know if you have chemistry. Sex dates are, of course, paid for- but their scope can be as broad as you’d like it to be! Many escorts offer a girlfriend experience for those looking to engage in more personal sex. However, this is up to the consumer! There are no ‘bad’ services with a sex worker. The end goal is always sexual contact, and that’s ok! That’s the industry, these women’s jobs, and what you are there for!

It’s worth noting location when we discuss sex dates. Picking a neutral, discreet, and clean hotel is a great middle-ground for a sex date. Remember though, with a sex worker; you are paying for the time they spend with you as well as the acts that are performed. This means spending a lot of time talking, on foreplay, and on other things will cost you.

Cam Girls

A cam girl is a woman who will perform sex acts on herself or with a partner in front of a webcam. Viewers pay to enter a ‘chat room’ and can pay extra to have one-on-one screen time with the girl. There are a variety of chat rooms of, with several different girls to engage in business with. These chat rooms are shared with other viewers, and you can send tips and comments asking the cam girls to do or say certain things. These chatrooms are live- so no matter the distance remember these girls are out there performing these acts for you.

Again, just because you can remain faceless in camgirl interactions, is not an excuse for disrespectful behaviour. To stay on good terms within chat-rooms, it pays to be polite. You want the girls to enjoy themselves as much as you are!


Brothels, or bordellos, are places where people engage in sexual activities with prostitutes. These can be found on along with reviews, experience discussions, and pictures of the girls featured in those houses. Brothels are a great way to explore and tour the sex industry. They are transparent with expectations and work hard to alleviate any discomfort or misgivings clients might have. All the brothels listed on are legal, safe, and clean. Making them the perfect place to orientate yourself and explore the sex industry.

No one type of client enters brothels. Brothels, instead, are for everyone. They are for the overworked professional who doesn’t have the time for dating; people are looking to spice up their love lives, or men who are looking to break a dry spell. It’s impossible to predict what a client wants or will look like. You can’t shame or demonise a client, and sex workers appreciate the business. After all, prostitution and sex work is the oldest industry in the world for a reason.

Brothels accept and work with all these clients, offering a range of services. The most important thing to look for in a brothel is cleanliness and discretion. Most brothels strive to provide clean, reliable, and discreet services to their client. You can rest assured that the brothels listed on are secure, clean, and discreet.


A whorehouse is just a vulgar way of saying a brothel or prostitution home. We don’t recommend using this word unless it is something you have green-lighted with the girl you decide to work with.

Finding the right service, girl, and place to conduct your private business is made easy with Finding an escort is a great way to get your kicks and not have to deal with emotional obligations, messy relationship lines, and to get to be explicit about what you want. There is also a range of people you can engage with on So, if you live in Germany and are searching for an adult model, brothel, or camgirl, then we recommend for all your sex work needs.