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The Netherlands is one of the best countries in the world to hire an escort. Escorting, prostitution, and many related services are perfectly legal here and you can choose from a huge variety of options that include both all kinds of call girls, as well as all kinds of interesting experiences. So are you thinking about hiring one of the best escort Rotterdams? You will find them easily, but there are some unwritten rules that you should know before you meet your new escort Rotterdam. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most important details of a proper escort etiquette.

First of all, you should know that escorts are professional service providers and they should be treated as such. This means that you have to respect these women when you hire them because even though you are paying for their time and services, they still have particular rules and restrictions that the clients have to respect, and remember this counts everywhere you hire an escort aswell with Den haag escort etc. That being said, if you want to find a perfect escort for you that will be willing to engage in all the activities that come to your mind, you need to let her know in advance what it is that you expect from this meeting.

Escorts often hates if you bargain, so accept the price se offers

It is actually pretty simple; when choosing an escort Rotterdam to hire, describe the experience you want and make sure that you and your escort are on the same page. If she agrees to provide the services you ask for, she will offer you a certain price. If you want to score yourself a better deal, now is the time to try and negotiate because once you agree on a specific price, that price is final and you will be expected to pay as agreed at the end of your meeting with your escort.

Speaking of paying, you should always pay in cash for this type of service and have that cash with you when you meet an escort. This means that making your escort wait for her payment until you find the nearest ATM is not acceptable. It is very important that every client respects the escort’s time because these people work on a very tight schedule. You are likely not the last client she is seeing on a specific day and that is why you should never be late for the meeting with an escort and you should also not try to keep her around for too long once the services were provided to you. When the meeting is near its end, pay as agreed and be on your way.

An important detail to keep in mind is that there are 2 common types in Rotterdam of escort services based on location and each has its own unwritten rules. We are talking about incalls and outcalls and the way these things work.

Be as you want others to be at your place

If you are going on an incall, it means that you will be meeting your escort in the room provided by an escort agency which is commonly a room in a brother, or you will be meeting her in her home. If you are visiting her in her home, never share her address and other personal information with other people. It is essential that the escort and the client respect each other’s privacy in order for this to work. When at her home, try not to make too big a mess; dispose of your used condom properly, don’t flood her bathroom, etc. Also, don’t go through her stuff because, after all, this is her personal space and you have to behave like a guest.

An outcall, on the other hand, means that the escort will be meeting you wherever you want, and this type of meetings usually occurs in a hotel room or in the client’s home. If you are going with the first option and choosing a hotel room, try to make it a nice one. Don’t rent the cheapest room in Rotterdam because, in order for your experience with an escort to be pleasant, you both need to feel comfortable and relaxed and this can be greatly impacted by the space you spend your meeting in Rotterdam. Also, you are not allowed to bring a third person with you without notifying the escort in advance. Three is a crowd in this case and you have to be alone when the escort comes to meet you.

Be open and honest, and don’t hide anything

If, on the other hand, you have invited an escort into your home, you should notify her if you have any pets in place and there should not be any roommates or children around. Another important detail to keep in mind is that you are not allowed to take pictures or record videos of your escort without her consent so if you have any nanny cams in place, they should be disabled for the duration of the meeting. If you want to take a picture of your escort to earn some bragging rights among your friend, you should ask for her permission. If she declines, you are not allowed to try and sneak a shot behind her back because if that gets out, not only will you get yourself permanently banned from all reputable escorts in Rotterdam or Amsterdam escort, but you could also seriously compromise your escort’s personal life.

An escort have a personal life next to her work, so respect her

And this brings us to the most important point of the escort etiquette – always treat your escort from Rotterdam with respect and remember that she is a person with her own personal life as well. Be kind and respectful and avoid asking too many personal questions. Escorts usually don’t like to discuss their personal lives and relationships with clients so try to stay away from those subjects. It is a great idea to start a friendly conversation when you first meet an escort to make her more comfortable around you but while doing so, stick to the light and casual subjects rather than to the personal stuff. Remember that the more comfortable and relaxed your escort feels around you, the more effort she will put into her performance which is a win for both of you.