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Escort Guide is a sex database situated in Denmark. Denmark decriminalized prostitution in 1999. By doing this, Denmark ensured the safety of the sex workers within this country and created a thriving sex work trade! Escort Guide is a fabulous resource for experienced or newcomers to the sex market scene. 

Denmark has some grey areas when it comes to sex work. Most of the sex workers found in Denmark are foreign- hailing from eastern Europe or African countries. Some NGO's estimate that 98% of night streetwalkers in certain areas, such as the famous Istengade, are Nigerian. Day streetwalking is more likely to be conducted by Russian and Eastern European women. We recommend, instead of investing in a streetwalker, using the Escort Guide service to find a verified, safe, and professional girl to help you find sexual satisfaction. Although owning a brothel requires some legal maneuvering, you can still find bordellos open across Denmark and can hire many call girls to fulfill your sexual fantasies and help you find sexual relief. 

In Denmark, while prostitution is legalized, it is still a criminal offence to own a brothel. It is legal, however, for you to buy sexual services as long as the sex worker is over eighteen. Recently, it was estimated that around 3 200 sex workers worked in Denmark, including 600 street prostitutes. There are also over 400 bordellos in the country; which use loopholes or simply pay fines in order to stay open. 

Female escort prices generally range between 1000 to 2000 kr for the first hour. Most of the girls and operators will speak English as Denmark is a very multicultural country. 

Denmark has plenty of thriving red light and sex districts. The biggest is located in Copenhagen behind the Central Rail Station. Look for Istengade street, which is the epicentre of the red light district. 

The cheapest sex work is found on the street. However, this is also the riskiest form of finding sex workers as this is where the most hustlers and least protection exists. Streetwalkers are known to perform 'tricks' in alleys, cars, or by-the-hour motel rooms. If you are looking for a more relaxed experience, it is best to use a site like Escort Guide to find a call in girl. 

Escort Guide lists a wide range of sex workers including details, contact options, and usually reviews of the girl. This is a much more accurate way to guarantee you have the best sexual experience possible. 

Escort Guide is a massive database of sex workers from across Denmark. Advertising themselves as offering the pearls of the nation,  Escort Guide offers photos, models, massage girls, and prostitutes from around the world. From beautiful petite girls to curvy dominatrixes, or exotic style submissives, Escort Guide has a range of services and girls available for any Danish client or tourist. These ladies are beautiful examples of Danish women, and the database describes the girls on offer as "waiting and willing to please."

The site bases itself on providing the best sexual satisfaction money can buy and can source women from across Denmark to suit your needs! Many of the women listed of Escort Guide emigrated to Denmark post the 1999 legalization of prostitution in search of better pay, regulated work, and decent working conditions. This means your clientele supports their livelihoods and you can rest assured that the welfare and security of the women listed are verified and regulated.

Why should I use Escort Guide?

Escort Guide is a continually expanding database that includes numerous models and services across its forums. It offers photographs of girls, upfront, transparent descriptions, and contact details of regulated and discrete brothels and escort services. Whether you want to visit an Escort Guide featured bordello with a wide range of working girls, or you want to organize a 'sex date' with an escort, the Escort Guide site is sure to help you find sexual satisfaction!

What can I expect from a brothel?

Brothels go by several names. Sometimes crassly called a whorehouse or pleasure dome, these buildings generally hold a bar and a series of rooms that can be hired by the hour with the girl of your choice. Each brothel is different, but most brothels will be operated by a series of hostesses who will serve you drinks as you wander the floor speaking and viewing the girls working that night. This gives you a chance to ease into the setting, and to find out what the brothel has on offer. When you find a woman, you like you can request a specific timeframe or act. Most acts and times will come with designated brothel rate. After all, these regulated places of business. After agreeing to terms, you will be led to one of the backrooms for your selected time. If you have some more niche requests, it may be best to call ahead or research who specializes in your kink. Whatever your fetish Escort Guide will be able to provide details of a beautiful lady who can help you reach satisfaction and live out your fantasy!

Just remember in brothels that you need to operate based on respect. Respect looks like calm, polite language, and listening to the girl's requirements. It will, ultimately, be her choice in whether she engages in business with you, so you need to listen to her rules as well as telling her your desires. Any extra acts that are negotiated outside of the brothel rates are personal and, as she is the professional, it is impolite to haggle on prices. Also, haggling with the worker may get her in trouble with bordello management who take cuts of the girl's pay to cover rent.

What can I expect from an escort/ prostitute?

An escort and prostitute are technically different. An escort will receive compensation for the time spent with the client. In high-end escort industries, this often refers to dates and more immersive girlfriend experiences. However, most of the time, an escort is simply a euphemism for a prostitute. A prostitute is a worker who charges money for sex. These charges are usually on a pay per hour basis with extra payment for particular non-standard acts.

To hire a prostitute or escort, first, you need to find the right worker. There are many girls advertised on Escort Guide. Their profiles will include photos and contact details for hiring her out. Her profile should also list what she would be comfortable with. Most of the time after placing an initial enquiry call, you will be quoted a base fee and given a location and time to meet the girl in question. If this is a call-girl service, the girl will come to your home or hotel to spend the designated time with you. This set-up a great way to make sure that you feel comfortable and prepared for the acts to follow. Once the girl arrives, you will need to negotiate specifics. Make sure you are clear on the initial phone call about what it is you expect from this meeting. Do you want penetrative sex and foreplay? Are you looking for role play? Will she be comfortable with rough sex? Assuming what is ok is not a safe or consensual way to engage in the sex industry.

A standard session customarily includes dirty talk, penetrative pleasure, and a client orgasm- but is nearly always paid by time. These business arrangements can differ in time, environment, and specific activities. Some customers favour hiring a sex worker for the entire night, while others are keen to pay for an hour or less and move on once they have found satisfaction. Either way is acceptable when consented to by both parties and considered honestly and professionally.

Engaging in a sex act with a sex worker is a usual, calm way of guaranteeing sexual satisfaction. Men and women around the world need sex. It's a consistent and human part of existence. Who doesn't get horny sometimes? Escorts are a fun and safe way to satisfy that sensation. Escort fees are simple, clear cut, and time-sensitive. Once they are paid and your allotted time is finished; there need be no further complications. You don't have to waste time wooing or to date someone when you aren't ready for emotional intimacy or don't have the time for a relationship. 

Escorts and adult work services are perfect for any type of clientele. Plenty of different kinds of johns find courtship and romancing time-consuming and frustrating. Many people employ sex workers; people who feel stressed or stretched too thin to date; people who struggle to maintain romantic relationships; those who simply want sex without emotional baggage. 

These reasons are common and practical justifications for engaging with a sex worker. Any shame clients may feel will be quickly alleviated after discussing and engaging in services with a professional. These women do this for a living and, given the strict legislation surrounding sex work Denmark, are all involved consensually in the sex industry.