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UK Punting has recently risen to fame after being featured on Vice News. This great UK sex site claims it is the 'tripadvisor' of the British sex industry. What does that mean? It means Johns can review the girls they have employed online and list what the girls are comfortable with. This site design means you can find user reviews of almost every sex worker in the UK on this site. 

The problem? The girls don't get a say. Think of it as Yelp for sex work. Punters, or Johns, discuss service providers, the quality of the sex, what they thought of the girl, and how they felt about their sexual experience with the women they have hired. 

This site also lists prices. This listing feature is a bit of a grey area within the sex work community. Many of the prices listed are actually gross under-exaggerations, and the women who comment on the site don't think they are accurate of street sex prices. However, for the discerning client, who likes to bargain, UK Punting is the complete database to research price ranges and performance reviews. 

When using this site, it is essential not to leak information that may be potentially dangerous to the girl in question. For example, if you visit the workers home, you cannot put that information on the internet without seriously endangering a professional. That's just poor sexual etiquette. 

What is UK punting, and how can you use it?

The owner of the site says that he founded UK Punting in 2010 because "All existing sites were funded by advertising from service providers. Therefore they had, and still have, vested interests in portraying a favourable and often false image of the paid sex scene. Negative reports were often suppressed, and people like myself who told the truth were hounded and eventually banned. A number of like-minded punters suggested I start an alternative."

The site functions similarly to 4chan or Reddit. Not surprisingly, the language can be a bit of a turn-off. However, for new consumers to the sex market- this site offers a depiction of services, girls, and encounters. It also allows you to shop around, and engage yourself in a candid discussion with other John's to learn about the UK sex industry and the women available around you. 

The sex work market in the UK is unregulated. That does mean there are a lot of scams out there! From bait and switch, photoshopped advertisements, and under-delivering models, scamming is rife across the UK. UK Punter catches those scams and keeps Johns protected from unrealistic expectations. Any service or agency you're interested in can be searched for on the database simply by copy and paste the web address into the search bar. 

Updating daily, the UK Punting prides itself on it's honest John driven voice. 

All threads list the girls' agency, appearance, overall impression, age, and price per hour. It means upfront and realistic services. You won't have to worry about any grey areas or being misled! 

Great Britain is well acquainted with the world's oldest profession. Sex work and prostitution is legal in the United Kingdom. However, soliciting it in a public space, owning or managing a brothel, any pimping, and kerb-crawling is illegal and a crime. This makes seeking sex a bit of a minefield. 

Kerb crawling is a person who drives around areas known for street prostitution to solicit prostitutes. These guys are illegal because they often make pedestrians uncomfortable, and keep red-light districts alive (not that we're complaining about the latter)! Kerb crawlers are often caught, fined, and if booked repeatedly, forced to enrol in a 'John school.' This is a diversionary program where John's learn about the experience of prostitutes and the harms of prostitution. 

It's also worth noting that Northern Ireland changed it's prostitution laws in 2015 and made paying money for sex illegal. Most policemen, however, turn a blind eye. Many brothels in UK cities operate under the name of massage parlours and are available for sexual services. 

British people are used to sexual workers/punters

Despite these weird soliciting laws, NGO's estimated in 2009 that over 100 000 people engage in prostitution in the UK. They also estimated that 59% of sex workers in the UK were British by birth. The rest of the workers came from Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and North America. That means you can find workers from around the globe all located in the UK! 

Even though brothels are illegal, a study in 2008 found brothels in all 33 London suburbs. Many saunas, private flats, massage parlours, and strip clubs exist in a bordello and brothel capacity in the UK. The UK Punting lists all of these, with details and price ranges! 

Brothels and sex work have always been a part of British history. For example, even in 1161, the King allowed brothels and prostitutes to be legally licensed and taxed if given the seal of approval by the Bishops of Winchester. Because of this, many brothels appeared around parliament in the medieval period. 

And sex work databases like the UK Punting have a long history too! During the 17th Century, a publication called The Wandering Whore listed what streets prostitutes might be found and the location and details of brothels within the London borough. 

These days it's as easy as a google search to find an excellent sex database like the UK Punting for all your British sex needs. 

Remember, no matter what type of sex act or subcategory of call-girl you are engaging, with an essential feature of sex work is respect. Respect means speaking to one another as valued professionals with a degree of compassion, understanding, and clarity. Respect also means respecting boundaries. This rule especially comes into play when dabbling in the BDSM field, which often blurs the line between potentially degrading or violent acts and sexual satisfaction. This is only ok if it has been candidly discussed prior to the action taking place. If you have entered a scenario clear of what is consensual and safe, then have fun! 

The UK Punting site has been active for over ten years and has a higher than average trust rating on Scam Adviser. Overall, they deal well with privacy, protect users, and offer very accurate depictions of the services and girls they advertise. This portal values its members but allows questionable treatment of workers.

UK Punting encourages Johns to engage in sexual consumerism. Employing an escort is a pleasant, secure, discreet, and worry-free way of finding sexual releases. Men and women everywhere want sex. It's simple biology. From the stranger on the bus to politicians, to doctors- every person has something that gets them hot under the cover, and every person deserves a sexual release. Escorts are a fun and safe way to find this release. Call-girls provide a consensual service for a one time charge, so you don't have to worry about the emotional involvement that may follow. You don't have to waste time going through the courting process for an orgasm.

Whatever services you are looking for, however, remember to engage respectfully with the girls from the first contact. These women are professionals and need to be treated as such. Being clear about what you expect from your interactions, what acts you want, and your boundaries are essential to ensure a respectful, smooth, and fulfilling business arrangement. 

The UK Punting forum allows you to order services and girls by the number of positive reviews and will enable you to filter reviews by area. There is even an accompanying Wiki page which categorizes services by postcode, nationality, language, and other listing details. You can also search through reviews of a particular girl and get to know her before engaging with a business transaction. 

Why should I use UK Punting?

Firstly, finding an escort can be daunting. Even if you are a repeat client (and there are plenty) or a first-timer looking to get your sexy fix, finding an escort should be about finding the right partner in the right place for the right sex acts at the right price. This forum features reviews and accurate depictions of the women, meaning you know what you are in for! This takes some research. There's quite a thrill in looking at photos of girls and knowing that they are available to you. Just remember that the final say in any transaction will come down to the girl/ model and so it is essential to respect her. A degree of professionalism is needed when dealing with sex workers and adult workers. Just because the service is an intimate one, does not mean that the lines of business get to be blurred. Be explicit about what you expect from interactions; about what you are willing to pay; and about what you want. This clarity doesn't mean interactions have to be stale! Quite the contrary. 

Long term business relationships between clients and sex workers occur all the time! If you are a repeat client, then expect a degree of intimacy and friendship to evolve. UK Punting reviews often reflect this.

UK Punting is also great for finding out what services are on offer and what sounds right for you. To hire a prostitute or escort, first, you need to find the right worker. There are many girls reviewed on UK Punting. Her profile should also list what she would be comfortable with, user experiences, and details of where to find her. 

What can you expect from a 'punt'?

Most of the time, after placing an initial enquiry call, you will be quoted a base fee and given a location and time to meet the girl in question. If this is a call-girl service, the girl will come to your home or hotel to spend the designated time with you. This set-up a great way to make sure that you feel comfortable and prepared for the acts to follow. Once the girl arrives, you will need to negotiate specifics. Make sure you are clear on the initial phone call about what it is you expect from this meeting. Do you want penetrative sex and foreplay? Are you looking for role play? Will she be comfortable with rough sex? Assuming what is ok is not a safe or consensual way to engage in the sex industry.

You can also search for certain types of girls or models on UK Punting. 

What kind of girls can I find on UK Punting?

UK Punting has a whole range of women available for contact and sex work on their expansive review site. Below, we have listed just a few times of women that you will come across in the photograph database of UK Punting. 

  • Petite Girls

By definition, petite means small and dainty. There is nothing than make a man feel more masculine than being able to pick up a woman. UK Punting knows this and has a devoted subcategory and description tag to the petite woman. These women are dainty, delicate, attractive, and ready to talk about your sexual fantasies. Many of the dainty women found in the UK originate in Eastern Europe, but many will speak fluent English. 

  • Young Girls 

By law, all women engaging in sex work must be over 18. That is, they must be a legal adult. Engaging in sex work with anyone under the age of 1 is illegal and will result in serious prison time. Never fear, however. All the women listed on UK Punting are over 18 and have been verified for their worker's rights and age. If you do like young women over the age of 18, UK Punting reviews lots of youthful and perky women to let you live out your youthful fantasies. 

  • Cougars

The term cougar doesn't just mean a predatory cat! A cougar is a whole subsection of older women who are primarily attracted to younger or same age men. These women tend to have vivacious sexual appetites, and have the benefit of experience on their side! To search cougars on UK Punting simply follow the tags or try using the search bar. Cougars are a growing niche in the sex market and have grown in popularity in recent years. 

The term cougar started in the 1980s when the Vancouver ice hockey team Canucks used the term on television in reference to the older, single women who attended their games in order to pursue the players sexually. Shortly after the Canadian dating site appeared, and this cemented the term in pop culture and within the sex work industry. 

  • Asian Women

With the boom of UK working rights and regulations for sex work, there has been a mass influx of immigrating sex workers seeking better pay and working conditions. Many of these women hailed from the East. HUK Punting reviews a number of these Asian beauties describing them as stunningly oriental and ready to please.