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France has always been a sexy country, but, as of 2016, the prostitution laws got confusing! It is legal for a man or woman to be a prostitute and sell sexual acts, but it is illegal to buy them. Also, owning and operating a brothel is illegal. 

France has always engaged in sex work in some capacity. The history of prostitution is an interesting one! In the Middle Ages, France tolerated and even supported and governmentally organized prostitution. Buildings were sex work took place paid a lease to authorities and were generally run by the church. These public brothels were indicated by a red lantern lit by the keeper of the house during opening hours. This may be the origin of the red light district. 

However, other historians disagree about the origins of the term. A red-light district, like those listed on the SexeModel France forums, is a common phrase for an area or block dedicated almost solely to strip clubs, sex clubs, and brothels. The phrase refers to any space with a high concentration of sex-oriented trading posts, businesses, or workers. The expression is typically associated with female street prostitution, though modern red-light districts involve male prostitution and LGBQITA friendly venues. 

But why use the term red-light? The phrase appears as early as the 1890s. Many claim the phrase is drawn from the red lanterns early railroad workers would take with them when they visited brothels. They took these red lights with them so their crew could find them in case of an emergency, leaving brothel windows awash with red light and brothel districts shrouded in red light. This folklore phrase stuck and is now applied to newer areas that specialize in brothels and sex work. 

Other etymology explanations claim that the term red-light district is drawn from the prostitutes that use to welcome sailors back to shore in Amsterdam. The red light was a sign that these women were available for sexual pleasures. As the men from the sea only had a limited amount of time ashore and the competition was fierce in port towns, these lights served as an immediate visual marker for who was available and when. 

After the middle ages, France prostitution experienced random and sudden bursts of repression. During the crusades, religious morality became a regal concern and prostitutes were forced into hiding. Only after protests (because everyone loves sex!) did King Louis the 9th allow 'Public women' to return to their profession, albeit outside the walls of the city! Facing even more protests, the Kind eventually let prostitution and brothels move to the right bank of the Seine. This became known as the Rue du Poil Au Con (or Street of Pubic Hair) and the Rue Tire Vit (Or Pull-Cock Street). Over the next few centuries, prostitution was tolerated and then cracked down upon. It seemed the sex trade could find no stability in France! 

Then came the French Revolution and sex work was allowed by omission from the new government's astringent laws. This tolerance continued until the modern age, where morality police sought to change prostitutes status in France. Nowadays, it's a problematic legal line to walk- as solicitation is illegal, and yet prostitution is not. 

Enter SexeModel France which lists available girls despite the fines on advertising women. The site also includes workers from and located in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Andorra. The site lists a whole range of sexual services from across France and contains photos and advertisements of brothels, freelancers, cam-girls, strip clubs, saunas, and nudist clubs. 

Do be warned the site is listed in French and has no translation feature outside of Google's automatic plugin. 

Researching brothers is crucial before you visit to ensure that business is conducted in a safe, clean manner. France's laws guarantee the protection of workers, but not clients. However, there are ways you can have as much sex as you want as long as it is fun, consensual, and healthy. Sex tourists flock to France because of the high quality of women, and ease of securing sex. Just make sure to follow the guidelines listed on the SexeModel website. These people even engage in tailored sex-holidays for groups of men looking to tap into the affordable and varied French sex market. If you aren't looking for a tour, then Sexemodel is an excellent alternative for research and planning.

We recommend looking through the Sexemodel site to find what it is you're looking for in the bedroom before contacting anyone. Everybody is unique in the bedroom, and databases like Sexemodel let clients find their ideal experience or partner. They also renew their database and service listings regularly to reflect a growing market. 

What can I ask for from an escort of sex work professional?

As long as the girl is comfortable with it, and you engage with consensual boundaries. You can ask for anything from a set professional, as long as you do so with respect and politeness. Just because women engage in sex work does not negate their right to basic human respect and kindness. Honestly, there is a niche fetish for every person's desires and sexual cravings. Are you into BDSM? Then use Sexemodel's expansive French database to find a dominatrix that is the right fit for you. Perhaps you want to engage in something a bit more mainstream like role play or a foot fetish. There are lots of available niches and fetish workers available, and you can be sure to find them all available at affordable prices in France on the Sexemodel Site.

Most of the time, first-time users go to escorts for a fundamental and necessary sexual experience. This can simply be foreplay through to a client's orgasm. It usually involves dirty talk, penetrative play, and completion- but is always paid by time. These business arrangements can vary in length, setting, and specific actions. Some clients prefer to hire a sex worker for the whole night, while others are eager to pay for an hour or less and leave once they have reached their satisfaction. Either way is perfectly acceptable when agreed upon by both parties and discussed candidly and professionally. 

What can I expect from an escort/ prostitute when hiring on sexemodel?

An escort and prostitute are technically different. An escort will receive compensation for the time spent with the client. In high-end escort industries, this often refers to dates and more immersive girlfriend experiences. However, most of the time, an escort is simply a euphemism for a prostitute. A prostitute is a worker who charges money for sex. These charges are usually on a pay per hour basis with extra payment for particular non-standard acts.

To hire a prostitute or escort, first, you need to find the right worker. There are many girls advertised on Sexemodel France, and their profiles will include contact details for getting in touch with the girl or her agency. Her profile should also list what she would be comfortable with. Most of the time, after placing an initial enquiry call, you will be quoted a base fee and given a location and time to meet the girl in question. If this is a call-girl service, the girl will come to your home or hotel to spend the designated time with you. This set-up a great way to make sure that you feel comfortable and prepared for the acts to follow. Once the girl arrives, you will need to negotiate specifics. Please make sure you are clear on the initial phone call about what it is you expect from this meeting. Do you want penetrative sex and foreplay? Are you looking for role play? Will she be comfortable with rough sex? Assuming what is ok is not a safe or consensual way to engage in the sex industry.

France is known for its curvy women … but why are curvy women attractive?

Sexemodel France has whole categories of curvy women for its discerning client. Why is it that curves drive a man wife?

Psychology reveals men find curves beautiful because they signal virility and health. Women with bigger hips and breasts are seen as more fertile, which triggers male lust. Sarah Gervais, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln research, found that "bodies with larger breasts, narrower waists and bigger hips often prompted longer looks from men and these women were also given more positive personality ratings."

Here are some fascinating facts! Curvy ladies are like drugs to men. The male brain, literally, reacts to big breasts the same way it reacts to drugs. Scientists had a group of 14 young men rate how attractive they found pictures of naked women before and after they put on weight, giving the models more shapely hips. MRI scans showed that men seeing the post-curvy picture activated the rewards part of the brain; the same region that reacts to alcohol and drugs! Most sex industry clients know this to be true; using an escort service is a natural thing to do! Everyone gets horny sometimes- and scratching that sexual itch is easy and hassle-free with a paid professional.

And what better way to find sexual satisfaction with a gloriously curvy girl!

There is a mentality behind Playboy and adult porn stars all having the hourglass figure! That is because psychologically men find these women the most satisfying to look at! 

The average adult film star is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 115 pounds, giving her a body mass index (BMI) of 18.5. That's not that far from the average women, yet, this is not what is presented in mainstream media. The standard porn star has a bust, waist, and hip sizes are 35-23-35 so that her waist is approximately two-thirds of her hip size. So men prefer women who are taller than average, with normal-size hips for their moderately low BMIs and tiny waists. While not all the women listed on SexeModel France fit these exact measurement, they are all busty and available for your sexual satisfaction.

What are the other types of girls listed on the SexeModel France Website?

  • Young Girls

All women who engage in sex work in France need to be over 18. Most models are between 20-40, and you can specifically search for age limits on the Sexemodel France site. If you like young models over the age of eighteen, you will be able to search for models and find someone you like and want to connect with. 

It's worth noting that many of the girls you meet on the street of red-light districts may not be honest about their age. If you are genuinely interested in 18-20-year-old women, try using a verified database like SexeModel France to make sure you aren't being misled. 

  • Eastern European Girls

Many of the escorts, prostitutes, and other sex workers in France hail from Eastern Europe. They arrive because the industry pays well. This is great for clients looking for Eastern European beauties. 

  • French Girls

Most sex workers listed on SexeModel's comprehensive database will be fluent in French. Many will also hail from within the country and have the classic French characteristics that make the women so beautiful! 

Many people find romance, sex, marriage and sexual satisfaction a conundrum. You may be too busy to engage in dating, love, and more extensive searches for sex. Perhaps you cannot bear the time for the emotional entanglement dating brings. Maybe you feel humble around women; or maybe you just want pure, baggage-free sex. These are all legitimate and reasonable reasons for employing a sex worker. Any stigma clients may feel disappear after a candid conversation with a sex worker and after achieving the sexual satisfaction that you need as a human being. These women do this for a living and, given the strict legislation surrounding sex work France, are all involved consensually in the sex industry.

The SexeModel site also lists some exciting categories like:

  • Nudist Clubs

Nudist clubs are simply clubs or groups where everyone hangs out without clothing. Think a whole lot of naked women in one room. Sex is usually part and parcel of the nudist club experiences advertised on Sexemodel, but make sure to be candid and ask one of the staff what services are on offer to avoid offending anyone. 

Nudist clubs are also called naturalist clubs and can be dance halls to yoga retreats. Most listed on Sexemodel, however, are aimed towards sex acts. They tend to be slower-paced than other brothels and allow for viewing the women who work there before engaging in a sex service. This is good for the discerning client. 

With Sexemodel's help, we hope you can find the perfect nudist club getaway. Nudist organizations are great fun for solo explorers or couple looking for some naughty fun. Remember that France is renowned for its nudist clubs and accepting approach to couples and sex acts. 

  • Sex Dates

A sex date is a date designated solely for sex. It can be any occasion where you are meeting a call girl for sexual purposes. They can involve other more personal and social aspects, but the end goal is sex. 

This is a normal part of the escort service. Sex dates that include more talking and personal connection are perfect for first-timers and allow time to ease into the company of your desired partner. 

Sex dates are, of course, paid for. However, the only limit of their scope is you and your escorts boundaries, which should be discussed and agreed upon with the worker! Many escorts offer a girlfriend experience for those looking to engage in more personal sex. However, this is up to the consumer! Sex work does not come accompanied with shame. The end goal is always sexual contact and satisfaction. That's the industry, these women's jobs, and what you are there for! 

It can be hard to decide on a location when planning a sex date. Picking a middle ground like a discrete hotel or brothel is one option. Remember with a sex worker; you are paying for the time they spend with you as well as the acts that are performed. This means spending a lot of time talking, on foreplay, and on other things will cost you. 

  • Cam Girls

A cam girl is a woman who will perform sex acts on herself or with a partner in front of a webcam lives. There are hundreds of women who engage in this work from the comfort of their own homes. Many of these women are listed on Sexemodel France. Viewers pay to enter a 'chat room' with a particular girl and can pay extra to have one-on-one screen time with the women working. There are a variety of chat rooms listed on the site. These forums and girls are shared with other viewers, and viewers can bid amount for the cam girls to do or say certain things.

  • Brothels

Brothels are buildings where people engage in sexual activities with working girls. The Sexemodel France Portal discusses, lists, and locates many brothels across France. Brothels are transparent with expectations and work hard to alleviate any discomfort or misgivings clients might have. 

Brothels are for everyone, with a range of clients visiting the establishments listed on Sexemodel France. Clients can include overworked professional, those who don't have the time for dating, people's whose sex life or marriage has grown stale, nervous virgins, or those looking to break a dry spell. No industry professional would shame or demonize a client, and sex workers appreciate the business. After all, prostitution and sex work is the oldest industry in the world for a reason. This reason? Because sex is natural and healthy. 

Brothels go by several names. Sometimes crassly described as a whorehouse or pleasure dome, these houses usually hold a bar and a series of rooms that can be hired by the hour with the girl of your choice. Each brothel is different, but most brothels will be operated by a series of hostesses who will serve you drinks as you wander the floor speaking and viewing the girls working that night. This gives you a chance to ease into the setting, and to find out what the brothel has on offer. When you find a woman, you like you can request a specific timeframe or act. Most acts and times will come with designated brothel rate. After all, these regulated places of business. After agreeing to terms, you will be led to one of the backrooms for your selected time. If you have some more niche requests, it may be best to call ahead or research who specializes in your kink. Whatever your fetish Sexemodel France will be able to provide details of a beautiful lady who can help you reach satisfaction and live out your fantasy!

We must note here that brothels are illegal in France and that paying for sex is also unlawful under the 2016 legislation. You may be liable to a 1500 Euro fine, and retraction of your visiting visa if you are not a France resident. 

Just remember in brothels that you need to operate based on respect. Respect looks like calm, polite language, and listening to the girl's requirements. It will, ultimately, be her choice in whether she engages in business with you, so you need to listen to her rules as well as telling her your desires. Any extra acts that are negotiated outside of the brothel rates are personal and, as she is the professional, it is impolite to haggle on prices. Also, haggling with the worker may get her in trouble with Brothel management who take cuts of the girl's pay to cover rent.

Sex is a natural craving for all warm-blooded mammals. And, like most logical and moral urges, there is a safe and regulated industry to match! So whatever your sexual desire finding the right service, girl, and location to find your sexual satisfaction is made simple with SexeModel database.

Sexemodel offers some fabulous features like featured escorts, and a rotating schedule of visiting and exotic sex workers gracing the streets of Paris and broader France. Finding a sex worker who will help satisfy you is the perfect way to get your sexual relief and not have to deal with emotional obligations and messy relationship lines that plague modern dating. Plus you can be explicit and explore your kinks without shame or embarrassment. You can engage with a wide range of professionals Sexemodel France. So, if you live in or around France and are searching for an adult model, brothel, or cam-girl, then we recommend Sexemodel France for all your sex work needs.