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Great Britain is well acquainted with the world's oldest profession. Sex work and prostitution is legal in the United Kingdom. However, soliciting it in a public space, owning or managing a brothel, any pimping, and kerb-crawling is illegal and a crime. This makes seeking sex a bit of a minefield. 

Kerb crawling is a person who drives around areas known for street prostitution to solicit prostitutes. These guys are illegal because they often make pedestrians uncomfortable, and keep red-light districts alive (not that we're complaining about the latter)! Kerb crawlers are often caught, fined, and if booked repeatedly, forced to enrol in a 'John school.' This is a diversionary program where John's learn about the experience of prostitutes and the harms of prostitution. 

It's also worth noting that Northern Ireland changed it's prostitution laws in 2015 and made paying money for sex illegal. Most policeman, however, turn a blind eye. Many brothels in UK cities operate under the name of massage parlours and are available for sexual services. 

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Despite these weird soliciting laws, NGO's estimated in 2009 that over 100 000 people engage in prostitution in the UK. They also estimated that 59% of sex workers in the UK were British by birth. The rest of the workers came from Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and North America. That means you can find workers from around the globe all located in the UK! 

Even though brothels are illegal, a study in 2008 found brothels in all 33 London suburbs. Many saunas, private flats, massage parlours, and strip clubs exist in a bordello and brothel capacity in the UK. The London Escort Guide lists these, with details and price ranges! 

Brothels and sex work have always been a part of British history. For example, even in 1161, the King allowed brothels and prostitutes to be legally licensed and taxed if given the seal of approval by the Bishops of Winchester. Because of this, many brothels appeared around parliament in the medieval period. 

And sex work databases like the London Escorts Guide have a long history too! During the 17th Century, a publication called The Wandering Whore listed what streets prostitutes might be found and the location and details of brothels within the London borough. 

These days it's as easy as a google search to find an excellent sex database like the London Escort Guide for all your London sex needs.