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How do Escorts girls create their ads on annoncelight?

Ad is very broad statement it involves; how to post the ads, where to post the ads and basically how ads work. So basically an ad is what a potential client has to look at in order to contact you, so an ad will be composed of your photos and the best description of yourself. You can write tag likes “Come! Have your self an amazing experience with “Your name” and perfectly describe your location the write a very brief description Of you which makes the client to get to know you better you can write samples like: Am a very sociable person, I like meeting new fiends, be fully assured that your time will be discreet, non-rushed and manually enjoyed.

You should also included your rates this all will help in drawing a potential customer, these ads might also include dimensions like your age, height and weight. With these ads it’s very important to have clear photos because this is a visual industry, it’s not like blind dates here the client has to know whom he’s spending cash on. That’s why it is advisable to have professional photo which tend to be catchy. It also depends on how you place an ad some sites are full of providers without professional photos so the best thing is to do research to figure out where to post your ads There are tons of advertising platforms some that you pay for and some are free.  The free sites will cost you some bucks to upgrade your ad to be able to be seen on the 1st page and to have access like VIP and prominent placing.

How to figure out where place your ads your ads. The first thing to do is to google your area, You will find similar websites and you will choose one of the best site in your and place your ads. For example “annoncelight” this is a site that works best in Denmark. The idea is to get on the 1st page of each of the website sites in your area. These sites too have their regulations and advantages. There are  site which specifically charge their services under a certain amount, you should not over price . Such sites limit other escorts girls whom may wish to charge more than the maximum price. Another important requirement is means of communication. Once you place your ads you expect people to contact you, so you must have either a cell phone or a Google application number just make sure there is a way to contact you easily.

In overall in order for you to make money, you have to meet client, so you must have an ad. If you find it difficult to make an ad you can Google escorts sites and look at other escorts girl ads and make a similar one, you will learn a lot of things along the way as you grow to become successful . Remember the goal of this ads is you to stand out from the crowd.

Who is an Escort girl?  Find out what information you can find on Escort girls.

A female escort is a sort of sex specialist who gives sexual administrations and additionally friendship in return for cash. The sales of those escort administrations have moved from traffic intersections to effectively get to online sites (Castle and Lee, 2008). With the appearance of the Internet, requesting of sexual friendship through escort commercials has enabled escorts to publicize physical characteristics and depictions and create more noteworthy control of their occupation and customers (Koken, Bimbi, Parsons, and Halkitis, 2004). In these escort administration sites, ladies regularly post pictures of them, portray the administrations they offer, depict their physical traits, and demonstrate the sum they charge for administrations. An investigation of the data gave in escort ads may permit an interesting methods for investigating momentary mating inclinations.

The promotion content was coded, and connections between publicized physical qualities and the hourly rate charged by female escorts were analyzed. The examinations demonstrated that higher charges were related with female escorts who publicized a midsection to-hip proportion close to 0.7, lower weight and weight list, more youthful age, and photographic presentations of bosom and rear end nakedness. The discoveries give proof that developmentally significant qualities related to female transient mate esteem are methodically identified with expenses charged for sexual administrations.

Where are female Escorts found?

Female escorts are found in Escorts websites like “Annoncelights” that charges an expense for sex, which can be viewed as an extraordinary type of momentary mating. The present examination inspected if the expenses charged by accompanies are identified with attributes normally connected with female momentary mate esteem. A sum of 2,925 ads for female escorts offering sexual administrations in the United States is usually analyzed, as a modified programming program utilized to download every one of the notices from an online escort catalogue.

What is Annoncelights? Explain further about Annocelight.

Annoncelight is a website that has ways of how to connect with the best escorts girl around Denmark that will satisfy your need. This are sites are specifically for people of over 18years of age. In this site you get to connect with escorts of any type it depends on the price and the quality of service, some may charge per hour or depending on the agreement between the customer and service provider. This escort girls are to be respected because it’s their professionalisms like you can be a doctor, nurses and many more, everyone deserves respect cause at the end we have to make our ends meet.  Prosperous female escort girls may have some attention to the attributes and characteristics that male customers are looking for and they likely tailor their administrations and charges to the states of the market (Edlund and Korn, 2002). Escort administrations and characteristics exceptionally looked for after by male demographic ought to be increasingly pervasive in online escort advertisements and should order more significant expenses. There is proof that ladies have a familiarity with their mate esteem (Buss and Shackelford, 2008; Perilloux, Cloud, and Buss, 2013) and that self-assessment influences the measures that ladies set for planned mates. Consequently, the most alluring escorts should charge a higher expense than less attractive contenders (Baumeister and Vohs, 2004).

Explain the code and conducts of an Escorts girl

The physical beautiful body quality of ladies is a vital determinant of their mate esteem (Buss and Schmitt, 1993; Symons, 1979). In particular, men are pulled in to explicitly dimorphic and age-related attributes that fill in as legit markers of fruitfulness and reproduction. There are qualities that men lean toward when looking for a momentary mating partner. In spite of the fact that men are pulled in too low fluctuating asymmetries and sexual dimorphism in ladies' face and bodies when choosing long relationship partners, men move to organize the engaging quality of a lady's body when they are centred around transient mating methodologies (Confer, Perilloux, and Buss, 2010). Body beautifulness relies upon various variables including bosom size (Furnham and Swami, 2007), abdomen to-hip proportion (WHR; Singh, 1993), and weight file (BMI; Tovee, Maisey, Emery, and Cornelissen, 1999). These body attributes are substantial signals of current ripeness and regenerative worth (Lake, Power, and Cole, 1997; Singh, 1993, Symons, 1979).

What is the main factor that determines Beautiful female bodies 

In both longs type of relationship and quick service mate choice, female WHR is an incredible sign in mate decision (Furnham, Petrides, and Constantinides, 2005). Men consider females who show a 0.7 WHR to be progressively appealing, sound, and reproductively important than the individuals who go astray from that proportion in either course (Singh, 1993). Eye-following strategies have been utilized to recognize the time span that guys focus on different pieces of the female body (Dixson, Grimshaw, Linklater, and Dixson, 2010). When survey back-presented ladies, men at first focus on the abdomen and hip inside 200 ms and afterwards abide there longer than some other locale of the body. Besides, men appraised pictures with a WHR of 0.7 to be generally appealing the beautiful quality is a 0.7by all accounts moderately autonomous size and weight inside western societies the romanticized sized weight of body has declined after some time despite spite of the fact that the most supported where has stayed stable (sing. K 1993) there is some social fluctuation in where inclinations yet in the way of life that have been contemplated men favored female figures where it is low to nearby normal of their social female conspecifics (sugiyama 2005). Singh (1993, 1994) contended that a where around 0.7 is most alluring in light of the fact that it is related with richness and fertility and impressive proof appears to help this case (sugiyama) 2005 the where may likewise be an indicator of ladies sexual techniques; ladies with generally unlimited social sexuality and moderately high quantities of sexual accomplices had lower where than ladies with lower social sexuality and low quantities of sexual accomplices mikach and bailey 1999 along these lines where might be appealing to men since it signals both ripeness and maybe likewise in light of the fact that it fills in as a prompt to sexual openness.

State clearly and explain steps to follow to have a good advertisement ad as a escort girl


  • ACTUAL Photos


Photos used as profile pictures and backgrounds should be real pictures of you, this is a long-term strategy. Clients will only build trust if they are delivered what they asked for. This builds a strong foundation and may enhance the reputation of the advertiser and the escort girl. This picture reveals the taste of true beauty, this is very important because men customers are able to choose their type of escort girl. 


  • Use high quality photos


Use of sharp high quality pictures plays a good role on advertisement dashboard. This is because clients must have a clear view of the fundamentals and comprehend the body perfectly to determine which suits him best for his pleasure. To attain a high quality photo you must have a professional photographer do the task and create attractive and catchy background.


  • Dressing code.


You must choose the most suitable attire that protrude the sexy shapes of your body where are to the client has to clearly see the fundamentals


  • Choose a specific persona


According to men, they are attracted to some qualities that tend to be sexually attractive. You can play the role of being a cheerleader, teacher, cook and many more. This fantasizes men and protrudes the attraction on specific qualities.




The best ad description should have words that are attractive and sexy that fantasizes the client and catches their mind to make them imagine how much pleasure you can offer. There are specific keywords that should be involved, words like naughty, girlfriend and single moms this makes it easier a lot for your profile to be found on Escort.


  • Choose your target customers


You should focus on the services you can offer, the ad on escort describes you to the client for example, she loves sexy fun, not just sex but can offer massage.


  • Attractive Taglines


This tag lines are very useful they help the clients to know more about the escort girl. Taglines are considered to be very attractive you can use some like XXX Alone at Home!!!, “Booty Call”!!!


  • Service offers


The “annoncelent” site has various services which involve dinner parties, massage, exotic romantic dances performances to clients. Most of the clients want quality time with an escort girl.


  • Confidentiality


At times it’s vital to secure your identity. There is a systematical process that advertiser use, as they may edit the facial part, applying of blur to the face part 


  • Contacting information


Annoncelights website has untraceable mobile numbers and emails. You can use Yahoo or Hotmail email where it’s advisable to use prepaid form of money transfer or payments.  

 The following steps if utilized can make any escort girl successful in any country; you should focus on having attractive ads take note that if you want to get customers from the internet you should get their attention. You should be able to show customer you can meet their requirements and satisfy them.

Create a platform where clients will be able to comments and leave review. This helps in improving the quality of your services and also introduces more escort girls to your team and gets more of the traffic.