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Maybe you are not ready to go full-on “50 Shades of Gray” tonight, but if you are at least interested in the fun of meeting new people and making great connections this might be something for you. If the wild world of escorts, massage and erotic satisfaction catches your interest, read on. Here you can find out more about making connections through

What is

Sexy women interested in meeting guys for escort and massage services can place third ads on This leading website for making sexual connections right here in Berlin sees more action than a Kung-Fu movie and is the place you want to go to set up your service.

But this site is not all about getting paid either, if you are looking for a great way to escape the intolerable dating world and want to make a more direct connection. This will be a great place to begin looking for people from all walks of life and from every different background. No need to sit through miserable conversations and unbearable walks through the park – just find someone with whom you share a mutual interest and get on with life.

You will be able to set your presentation exactly as you see fit and this will allow you to set the boundaries and parameters of your adventures through this land of lust, luxury and sexual satisfaction.

Why advertise your services on

If you are looking to enter the world of direct dating or begin offering escort and massage services, can be your ticket to Berlin and the world. Begin by thinking about what you would like to offer. Is it a massage service? Like Swedish massage or tantric styles? Are you looking to have a nice night out? Or perhaps you have a talent for exotic dancing and offer your services as a stripper for all kinds of celebrations.

In any case, offers a suitable platform on which to market your special brand of services.

It is very important to think about what you are offering and be very clear about this in your ad. For this reason, Omello Berlin offers a versatile platform where you can exhibit pictures and a profile stating who you are and what you are looking for in your relationships.

Escort and massage services are by far the most time-honored professions on the planet and there is no reason that it should be complicated or dangerous in this modern day and age. Omello offers a safe environment to offer these services and make connections with people of all types. At, you will be able to make those connections you are looking for and find suitable clients.

It is important to note that is not an escort agency. Nevertheless, it does provide a safe connection point where women looking to advertise their massage and escort services or make a sensual connection can state their needs and desires.

The Basics of Making Good Connections on

Escorting is not actually that difficult. The nature of sexual engagement is actually the most natural thing in the world. On things work a lot like they do on any other advertising platform in any other industry. As long as you deliver what you promise you are sure to have great success and make many satisfying connections

The only requirement here is that you are very specific about what you offer and don’t make any misleading promises or allude to things you do not offer. Just like your advertisers, the people who visit come from a variety of backgrounds and appreciate a clear understanding of what is being offered. So don’t leave anything to the imagination. Be clear, be direct.

We wish you the best of luck, but we also want you to understand that is not responsible for how your personal experience turns out. But, you can rest assured that as long as you are very clear about what you are offering you should meet only those that are a good match for your services.

What You Need to Know About Advertising on

You can begin your advertising campaign right away with just a couple of clicks. But, it might help if you begin by gathering some important information about yourself. We don’t ask much information from our advertisers when they are setting up their accounts, and we never share information with third parties. We would like to know where you are and in which city you are providing services. It is also important to know your age and the rates you charge so that we are very clear with our clients.

After this you will need to sit down and think about what you would like to say about yourself and the services you are offering. We can help you setup a perfect page for your presentation. Choose a few choice descriptive words about what you are like, are you fun-loving and energetic? Are you dark and Goth? Are you quiet and reserved but crazy in bed? These are all things your clients would like to know.

The next important thing to do is get some good pictures. You can do this for yourself with a tripod or a suitable selfie stick, but if you are serious, why not have these pictures professionally done?

You will want to take some nice pictures of yourself and your form without being too risqué. It’s always nice when these pictures are taken in a natural looking environment that expresses something about you. Personal connections mean everything in this business.

While we encourage you to be very specific about the services you are offering and your interests on the website, we also allow you the opportunity to change your settings and profile as often as you like. Another important point to mention would be when you are available.

What are some Other Ways I Can Use

While escorts and massages are among the most popular services provided on our platforms. There are a variety of other ways that you can make an honest profit on For example:

- Exotic Dancing and Stripping

There is a huge market for women who will perform a dance in the right settings. If you have a body you would like to move, you will find you audience here on

- Dating and Making Sensual Connections

If you are not looking for a wide range of partners, maybe you are hoping to make a good connection with a single person who will care for you in exchange for your undivided attention. There are people of all types looking for just such an arrangement. Place your offer here and you will find your sugar daddy in no time.

- Cam Shows

Do you host a cam show? You can place a link here in your ad talking all about what you do and when. This is a great way to get some publicity right in your target market.

- Other Services

You may have your own personal service that you offer that I more uncommon than anything mentioned here and that’s ok. Omello is a place where everyone can come and not be afraid of being judged. If you want to go out and share a platonic dinner with someone or looking for a long term partner for SM, you will find a good match here.

As long as what you are doing is legal and you are of legal age, you can feel free to us the services here at to get the word around. Post your ads here on our site and we will ensure that you will soon be making romantic, exciting and sensual connections all across Berlin.

Final notes on

Are you a lady with an interest in exploring a new world of opportunity in the world of escorts and massage? Are you an exotic dancer with looking to break into a new market? Are you looking to provide more intimate services? That’s what our visitors want to know more about.

So fill your profile with all the excellent details like the things that turn you on, are you usually in it for a slow burn passionate night of sex? Or, are you down for a hot and energetic quickie, the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket? Omello allows you the place to tell the right audience about yourself so you can make the connections you are looking for.

No matter your purpose, Omello will be there to offer a suitable platform for you to reach out and make a connection. There are many people waiting for you to make their deepest wishes and desires come true, wants to help you make that happen.