The Netherlands is one of the most liberal countries in Europe and that makes it one of the best places in the world to hire an escort. Not only is prostitution legal in the Netherlands, but the related activities such as owning and managing a brothel, advertising, and soliciting in dedicated public places are legal as well

Estimates say that there are between 25,000 and 30,000 escorts and prostitutes available for hire in the Netherlands, 90% of which are female, 5% male, and 5% transgender. Many of them are foreigners which means that some of, for example, Amsterdam escorts are from Central Europe 40%, Latin America 20%, Western Europe 12%, Eastern Europe 8%, Africa 8%, Balkans 4%, Asia 4%, Baltic states 3%.

All of the above-mentioned statistics prove the fact that there is the right escort in the Netherlands for everyone and it all comes down to finding the person you like the most. Luckily, escorts in Amsterdam and Rotterdam are super easy to find and you will be able to hire your new favorite call girl in no time.

So here is how it works; if you want to have the best selection of escorts, you should visit one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands. Of course, the best offer is in Amsterdam, but you can also hire an escort Rotterdam, escort Eindhoven, escort Den Haag, escort Utrecht, escort Breda, escort Arnhem, and more. The Netherlands is well known for its successful international sex tourism and one of the destinations you should definitely consider visiting is De Wallen, the largest and best-known Red-light district in Amsterdam.

However, the key to enjoying your time with an escort as much as possible starts with picking the right escort services. Here are some of the most popular services provided by the Netherlands escorts:

General companionship – General companionship, also known as traditional companionship or the non-full service, is the type of escort service provided by high-class escorts all around the globe and what makes is special is the fact that there are no sexual activities included in this type of experience. The clients who decide to hire an escort for the purpose of traditional companionship usually pay for a block of escort’s time to battle loneliness and enjoy the beauties of Netherlands in a gorgeous woman’s company. The fact that some escorts provide general companionship only also makes for of the biggest differences between the escorts and the prostitutes.

International bookings – A service bellowed by businessmen from all around the world, the international bookings are the type of service that enables to you bring the escort on one of your travels. Depending on the deal you strike with the call girl in question, sexual services may or may not be included in the overall experience. However, when choosing an escort to accompany you on your trips, we would advise you to stick to reputable, high-class service providers that make for the best companions.

Girlfriend experience – One of the most popular services provided by the escorts worldwide, the girlfriend experience is perfect for those who want their meeting with a call girl to resemble a date with a loving girlfriend as much as possible. Sexual services are included in the experience in the majority of cases, although it depends on the client’s wishes. Some clients want the GFE to include nothing more but snuggling, hugging, cuddling, and kissing. It is up to every client to decide how they want to spend the time with their escort providing them with the girlfriend experience.

Porn star experience – Another of the widely popular escort services, the porn star experience is ideal for the clients who want their adventure with an escort to be as passionate and wild as possible. Some clients want to reenact their favorite porn scenes with the escort they hire, some want the escort to behave like a porn star in a specific type of porn would behave, while some want to hire an actual porn star to have a memorable sexual encounter with. Once again, how exactly the porn star experience will turn out depends mostly on the client’s wishes.

Fetish experience – there are literally hundreds of different fetish experiences that people require and the best way to get exactly the type of service you require if you have a specific fetish or fantasy is by hiring the escort who specializes in the particular niche that interests you. To ensure that the escort understands your needs and requirements, you should discuss them openly and describe your desired experience in as much detail as possible.

Threesomes and other group experiences – Who hasn’t thought about having a threesome at least once at some point in their life? Hiring an escort is a perfect opportunity to make this dream true. There are various options for how the group experiences and threesomes can be arranged. For example, if you and your partner want an escort to join you, we would advise you to choose a bisexual escort specializing in threesomes. If you are a single guy who wants to hire two lovely women to join you in bed, you can hire two escorts working for the same agency who enjoy engaging in threesomes together. The combinations and possibilities here are countless but you need to make sure that the escort or escorts you hire are informed that there will be more people involved.

Roleplaying – Different roleplays are some of the most popular fantasy experiences people want to engage in. Roleplay can be based on any type of scenario that you have in mind; from age play and animal play to pretending to be characters from your favorite video game. However, if you do have a specific scenario in mind, you should describe it to the escort while booking your appointment to give her some time to do the necessary research and come to the meeting prepared, especially if special makeup or costumes are required, or if the escort is not familiar with the theme in question.