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Hiring one of the best Norwegian escorts can be a lot of fun and an experience that you probably don’t want to pass. All you have to do is choose your favorite Oslo escort, Bergen escort, Stavanger escort, or a call girl in any other big city in Norway, and have the adventure to remember.

However, before you do so, let’s briefly discuss some of the commonly used terms in the escort lingo that you should be familiar with:

An escort – An escort in Norway or a call girl is a person providing escort services that revolve around companionship, but usually, also include sexual services.

An individual escort – A person providing escort services and handling all parts of the business without the help of an escort agency.

An escort agency – An agency where you can hire one of the escorts employed here. The agency handles technical aspects of the business such as booking and managing the appointments, dealing with the payments, etc., while the escorts provide the services the clients ordered.

Traditional companionship – A type of escort services that involves no sexual activities whatsoever. It is often called non-full companionship and provided by the high-class escort girls in Norway.

Erotic massages – The full-body erotic and sensual massages are popular among the clients who want to relax and share a certain level of intimacy with the escort without actually having intercourse with them. This service is often provided in the dedicated massage parlors or by the escorts specializing in this type of service.

Full service – The opposite of non-full service, the full service is the service that includes sexual activities. It is up to the client to decide if they want sex only or if they want the combination of sex and companionship.

Girlfriend experience – A type of service ideal for those who want share a romantic experience with their escort during which the escort will pretend to be the client’s girlfriend and treat the client like a regular girlfriend would.

Porn star experience – A type of service meant for the clients who want to experience what it would feel like to play a part in the porno film where the escort would be the star on the set. In some cases, the clients get a chance to hire an actual porn star. However, this is possible only if the star in question is available for hire.

3G – The “Get in, Get off, Get out” experience was designed for the clients who want as little intimacy as possible and all they are interested in is a quickie with an escort. It involves little to no communication and the only focus of this service is sex.

Niche services – Niche services are performed by the escorts specializing in a specific niche. These services include non-mainstream experiences that usually revolve around a certain fetish or fantasy.

International travels – A type of service bellowed by the international businessmen who spend a lot of time on their travels and want someone to keep them company. Whether or not this service includes sexual acts depends on the deal the client and the escort strike.

Incalls – In some cases, the escort Norway will invite you to an incall which means that you will meet her in her home. Many escorts prefer doing their job from the comfort of their own apartment instead of visiting the clients on unfamiliar locations.

Outcalls – The opposite of incalls, the outcalls involve the escort visiting you at the location of your choice. Outcall services are usually provided in the client’s home or in a hotel room rented by the client.

Some good tips before hiring an Norway escort

Now that we have gone through the terms all the clients should be familiar with before hiring an escort, let’s discuss the process of hiring an escort and meeting them for the first time. We have broken the entire process down into several basic steps that will help you choose the right escort for your needs and make the meeting with a call girl as pleasurable as possible:

  1. Do your research to find a high-quality service provider

Picking the right call girl for the job is essential if you want to get your money’s worth. However, it takes some research to know which escort service providers in the area are the best. Ask around, read reviews, check out dedicated forums, and choose a reputable escort with lots of experience and positive reviews.

  1. Talk about your needs, and don’t be shy

The escorts provide all kinds of experiences and a good escort agency or an individual escort will help you pick the services that meet both your needs and your budget. Try to be open about your needs and requirements to help the escort understand exactly what type of experience you want and to determine if the escort in question is on the same page as you.

  1. Choose a comfortable location, where you fell safe

If the call girl of your choice provides incall services only, you don’t have to worry about picking the right location for your meeting because you will be meeting her in her home or in an establishment such as brothel or similar. However, if you are the person choosing the location, we would advise you to pick a room that has access to the bathroom and meets the basic standards of safety and comfort.

  1. Have the money ready, but dont show all your money at once

You should prepare the money you need before the escort arrives and she will likely ask you to see the cash before she starts providing you with her services. Bring only as much money as you need to pay her because having loads of cash on you can be quite risky. Pay as agreed without haggling and award the escort with a tip if her performance pleased you.

  1. Don’t forget about personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is super important whenever there is close contact between people involved and that is why you should always take a shower and brush your teeth before meeting an escort. We would also advise you to shave, put on deodorant, get dressed in clean clothes, and avoid consuming drugs or too much alcohol before the escort arrives.

  1. Start the meeting slowly, and don’t be afraid to ask all of your questions

Once you and the escort Norway meet for the first time, don’t rush into things. Instead, give her a moment to relax and try to make her comfortable around you. It is also very important that you ask the escort if she is okay with the next step you are planning to take. For example, if you want to kiss her, ask her if that is okay; if you want to start taking her clothes off, ask for permission first. This is important because each escort has different rules and boundaries. For example, while one escort might be fine with passionate kissing, there are escorts who don’t allow the clients to kiss them. Don’t do anything without asking and if the escort refuses, don’t push it.

  1. Protection and condoms is a must

If the escort Norway is providing you with sexual services, keep in mind that protection is a must. Practicing safe sex is critical when it comes to having sex with a call girl. And while all the licensed sex workers are required to get tested for STD and they suffer from no sexually transmitted diseases, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about protection and practice unsafe sex. In fact, the majority of escorts will refuse to engage in unprotected sex with their clients and it can get pretty annoying if the clients continue to insist on not wearing a condom.

  1. No pictures, or filming, if you don’t have asked for permission

Bear in mind that you are not allowed to take photographs or video recordings of the escort from Norway at any point during the meeting, and especially during the activities of sexual nature. You can try to ask for the escort’s permission if you want to take a picture, but they will probably refuse and which point you should respect their decision.

  1. Provide feedback, and be honest

Providing feedback can be really useful, especially if you are hiring an escort in Norway from an agency. The agency staff will likely get in touch with you after your meeting with a call girl and ask about your experience. These agencies deeply care about their clients’ satisfaction and want to provide them with the best services. This is why they check on the clients to see how the meeting went and by providing feedback, you can help them improve their services, determine which of their employees do the best job, and which need to work a little bit on some aspects of their performance.

  1. Write a review if you want it. You don’t have to use your real name.

Aside from providing feedback directly to the escort or to the escort agency, you should also write a brief review to help the other clients choose the best service provider and avoid the escorts that are not worth hiring. By reading online reviews, you can learn from other people’s experience, and by writing your own reviews, you can contribute to the entire community and make someone’s choice a lot easier. Try to be as objective as possible when posting these reviews online.