Escort Palermo

Centuries of escort service, have giving Italy some of the best girls in the world

Escort services in one form or another have been popular in Italy for ages. It all started in ancient Rome and prostitution remained legal and regulated by the state until today. If you are visiting Palermo, you can hire an escort or a prostitute legally as long as she is at least 18 years old. However, if you still aren’t quite sure whether or not escort Palermos are worth your money, let’s help you decide by taking a close look at the biggest pros and cons of hiring an escort in Palermo.

Some of the pros about hiring an escort:

  1. An instant date – Hiring an escort is the quickest and simplest way to get yourself a date with the girl of your choice. It doesn’t require a lot of your time and effort and you can basically find yourself in a company of a beautiful woman whenever you feel like it. Instead of spending hours flirting and trying to impress local women, all you have to do is simply pick up the phone and schedule a meeting with the Palermo call girl you like best, or choosing an Vicenza escort. It doesn’t get any easier than that.
  2. A variety of choices – By hiring an escort, not only can you get a date whenever you want, but you can also choose a girl that is exactly the type of a woman you have always liked. If you have always fantasized about meeting a curvaceous blonde in her mid-40s, all you have to do is find an escort that fits that description and get in touch with her. Palermo has a huge variety of escorts to offer and there is something for everybody there.
  3. No strings attached – Meeting a woman who is willing to spend her time with you with no commitment whatsoever is quite difficult in everyday life. However, by meeting an escort, you have secured yourself a date with a person who expects nothing in return except for the money she is charging you. If you are tired of emotional stuff and want simply blow off some steam during your stay in Palermo, a call girl might be just the thing you are looking for.
  4. It is legal and judgment-free – While hiring an escort in some countries around the globe could be quite challenging or even illegal, you don’t have to worry about in Italy. Prostitution is legal and well-regulated and you can hire a local escort in Palermo without worrying about being judged for your sexual preferences or even for the fact that you have decided to spend money on a call girl in the first place.

Some of the cons hiring an escort

  1. The price – If you want to hire an escort, it will cost you money and many people wonder whether or not it is actually worth it to pay for the services that you can get for free elsewhere. However, the seasoned escort clients claim that hiring an escort is a great experience that is worth every last dime because it saves a lot of time and effort and it gives you the opportunity to turn many of your sexual fantasies into reality.
  2. Safety issues – There are two big safety-related concerns connected to the escorting business. The first thing that has people worried is the possibility of getting scammed and while this is a very realistic concern, it can easily be avoided by hiring reputable service providers. The second big issue here are the sexually transmitted diseases that can cause you a lot of trouble if you aren’t careful. However, if you use protection during sexual encounters with escort Palermos, you should be fine. Not to mention that escorts with valid work permits have to undergo regular tests for STDs and they have to be clean to continue doing their job in this industry.
  3. The moral aspect – There is a big group of people who believe that hiring an escort is wrong on many different levels, all of them related to the morality of the sex industry. The truth is that hiring an escort is wrong only if you personally feel bad about it. However, if it feels right and you are not ashamed of your sexuality, you will soon realize that hiring an escort is not nearly as big a deal as many people think, especially in countries where prostitution is legal and regulated by the local government.

Now that we have discussed the major pros and cons, let’s share several useful tips that will help you make your experience with a call girl even better. Keep in mind that all of the things we are about to mention are simple unwritten rules that apply to most escorts. However, each escort has their own rules and restrictions and you should always ensure that you and your escort are on the same page before doing anything together.

Know what you are paying for

Many clients aren’t aware of the difference between escorts and prostitutes and they end up disappointed by not receiving the services they were expecting. That being said, when hiring an escort, you need to communicate openly and know exactly what type of service you are paying for. Here are some of the most popular services provided by the escort Palermos:

General companionship – This is one of the services that prostitutes do not offer yet it is the most popular type of service provided by the escorts. General companionship, sometimes also referred to as traditional companionship, is the type of service where an escort charges you for her time and company – with no sex included. This service is perfect for those who want a beautiful woman to keep them company during business dinners, business trips, or simply a lazy Sunday afternoon. Since the escorts are usually classy and smart ladies, they make for great companions and nobody will even be able to tell that you are paying for their time based on their looks. For example, while a prostitute would probably draw a lot of attention in the lobby of your hotel, an escort would blend right in and nobody would be able to tell what it is that she does for a living.

Full companionship – Full companionship, also known as full service, is the type of escort service where sex is included in the overall experience. When asking for full companionship, you should explain to the escort exactly what you are expecting her to do with you and once you describe the desired experience, she will let you know whether or not she is willing to engage in all the activities that you have in mind. Remember though that for certain sexual activities, you might want to hire a niche escort instead but more on that matter a little bit later.

Vanilla – If an escort tells you that she provides vanilla services only, it means that she is willing to have sex with you, but it will be conventional sex with no particular extras. This is a perfect service for those who are not in the mood for anything wild and simply want to have casual genital sex with an escort.

Niche escort – This is the type of escort you should hire if you are in the mood for something wild and unordinary. For example, if you have always had some non-mainstream sexual fantasies, by hiring a niche escort specializing in the type of experience you are into, you can finally turn your fantasies into reality. There are many different kinds of niche escorts and all of them specialize in something else. Find the niche that you find most appealing and choose the escort who is the right fit for you and your requirements.

However, no matter what type of experience you choose, you need to talk it through with the escort before you schedule a meeting. She needs to know what you are expecting you to determine whether or not she is the right fit for you. Only once you are sure what you are paying for, proceed to scheduling a date.

Find reputable service providers in Palermo

There are hundreds of escorts in Palermo but that doesn’t mean that all of them are worth hiring. If you can’t find anyone you like, you can search for an escort elsewhere in Italy for example Trento escort, or Olbia escort. Before you choose on an escort, you should try to find the service providers that have proven themselves trustworthy and reliable. You can easily find you which escorts provide the best services by reading reviews or even asking locals for more information. The more opinions you hear and the more reviews you read, the more informed decision you will be able to make.

Also, there are several little things you should pay close attention to that will help you weed out the scammers and low-quality escorts. For example, when looking at the escorts’ websites, carefully read the description of the escorts and the services they offer. If there aren’t any details whatsoever available on the website, you have a reason to get a little bit suspicious. Also, if the photos on the website do not seem authentic, you should probably ask to see more pictures before you agree to meet with an escort of your choice.

And last but not least, keep in mind that having commercial sex with minors is strictly prohibited. If an escort that shows up at your door seems suspiciously young, ask for proof of age and if she declines to provide it, you should not engage in any sexual activities with her no matter how beautiful she is and how tempted you might be by her presence.

Respect a your escort, and yourself

There are many ways of showing respect for your escort and you should try to do at least some of the things that we are about to mention.

First of all, you have to respect your escort’s rules which means that if she refuses to engage in certain activities, you should never try to force her into them anyway. Mutual respect is the foundation of every successful business transaction and your meeting with an escort is exactly that. Even though she is proving you with sexual services, she is still a professional and she should be treated professionally as well.

You should also always respect your escort’s time which means that you should try not to be late for your meeting or at least let her know if there is absolutely no way for you to arrive in time. Also, if you need to cancel the appointment altogether, let her know as soon as you realize that you will not be able to make it. If you give her enough notice, she might be able to book another client.

Pay before you get the service you asked for

When it comes to paying for the services the escort had provided to you, you have to respect the price you agreed to pay instead of trying to score yourself a better deal. At this point in the process, the negotiation part is long gone and now it is your turn to honor the deal. Pay as agreed and if you are satisfied with the services provided to you, you are more than welcome to award your call girl with a little tip.

Additionally, keep in mind that you are not allowed to bring another person to your date with an escort. If you have asked for a group experience then it is okay but if the escort expects to meet one person only, it indeed has to be one person.

Last but not least, you are not allowed to film, record, or photograph any part of your meeting with an escort unless she gives you permission. Trying to snap some pics behind her back to earn you bragging rights among your buddies is a big no-no and it could cause a series of issues for the escort. Remember that she is a person with her own private life and if pictures or videos of this sort went public, it could do a lot of damage to her personal relationships or possibly even a second job.