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Each day is a new sexual adventure

Are you thinking about hiring your first escort in Bologna? There are many things one should consider before hiring one of escort Bolognas, but we are here to provide you with all the essential information you will need to get the most out of your experience with an escort. From the basics of the escort terminology to the most important points of the escort etiquette, let’s talk about escort Bologna services and all their most important aspects.

We should start by explaining that prostitution is legal in Italy and you can hire a prostitute or an escort without having to sneak around and worrying about getting in trouble with the law enforcement in Bologna. That being said, we should also explain the basic differences between escorts and prostitutes and the services they provide.

We all know what prostitutes are; they are people who provide sexual services in exchange for money. Escorts, on the other hand, run a slightly different business where the sex isn’t necessarily the main selling point. Rather than providing clients only with sexual services, escorts sell their time and company, and it is up to each client to determine how they want to spend that time they are paying for.

But are there some terms you need to know about?

Now, before we get into more details, we should explain some of the terms commonly used in the escorting industry to help you better understand how things work. Let’s start by explaining that escorts usually work in two ways; as individuals or employed by an agency.

What an individual escort Bologna, and what does she offer?

An individual escort works alone and isn’t represented by an agency. This means that this individual handles all aspects of their business alone; from the scheduling the appointments and meeting with clients to handling the payments. Some of the best escorts in Bologna work as individuals simply because they don’t want to share their earnings and they want to manage their schedule however it fits them. Unfortunately, you will also find some of the worst escorts working solo, mostly because they were not able to keep up with the high standards set by the agency and they couldn’t keep their job.

An escort agency will give you more choices

An escort agency, on the other hand, is an agency employing escorts and the agency staff usually handles all technical business aspects, while the escorts meet with the clients. This means that if you want to hire an escort Bologna from an agency, you will have to get in touch with the agency staff, describe the type of escort of service that you want, and they will offer you a selection of their employees that best fit your description. In cases like this, the agency usually handles the payment as well which means that you will not be paying the escort directly when you meet her. Hiring an escort from a reputable agency is one of the safest ways to get your money’s worth when paying for escort services. All the best agencies have high standards and they only keep the employees who are capable of keeping up which means that you are guaranteed to receive top-notch service from an escort Bologna hired via a reputable agency.

The different services offered by the escort industry

However, you should also know that different escorts, as well as different agencies, offer different services. For example, not every escort will agree to provide you with sexual services which brings us to two major categories that all of the other escort services fall under; general companionship and full service.

Whats general companionship?

General companionship is the type of service where you pay an escort Bologna or Napoli escort to keep you company, but sex is not included in the deal. This can include all kinds of services and it is up to you and the escort to determine how you are going to spend your time together. Some people like their escorts to accompany them during business trips, others enjoy having romantic dinners with escorts every weekend. There is no way of telling what exactly general companionship is because it depends on the agreement the escort and the client strike. However, one thing we can say for sure is that sexual services are not included and you should not expect them if you pay for this service.

Full companionship or full service, with or without sexual activities

Full companionship or full service, on the other hand, is the type of service you should ask for if you want sexual acts to be included in the deal. Once again, it depends both on the client and the escort how they will spend their time together and they are entirely free to do whatever they feel like doing as long as it is consensual. Full service is usually a mix of general companionship and sex although some clients prefer to enjoy just the sex part and aren’t interested in companionship at all. Both options are perfectly fine.

Whats next after you choose the escort service?

Once you have found the escort from Bologna you want to hire and determined what type of service you are interested in, it is time to schedule a meeting. This brings us to the new two escort terms you should be familiar with; incall and outcall. Both incall and outcall come with different sets of rules and we are going to discuss that in detail right now.

Rules and etiquette with incall escort

First of all, let’s explain that incall services mean that you will meet your escort either in her home or in an establishment such as a brothel. However, considering the fact that owning and operating a brothel is illegal in Italy, we are going to focus the rest of this segment on the scenario where you meet your escort in her home. Here are several rules every client should follow in this situation:

  1. Keep the address to yourself – When you schedule an incall meeting, the escort will give you her address and the directions to get there. Under no circumstances are you allowed to share her personal information with other people. You have to keep her address to yourself and use it only when you have a meeting booked. This means that if you think it would be a good idea to show up at her house unannounced, you are dead wrong. Remember that the escort Bologna is a professional service provider and you have to treat her, her services, and her personal information professionally.
  2. Don’t make too big a mess – When in the escort’s house, try not to make a huge mess. For example, if you have to use the bathroom, flush the toilet. If you want to take a shower before you leave, don’t flood an entire bathroom and do mop the puddles. Also, dispose of the used condom properly because no one wants to find a 3-day-old condom stuck to the bottom of their shoe. If the escort Bologna offers you a snack or a drink, eat neatly and try not to leave crumbs all over her place.
  3. Don’t go through her stuff – Remember that you are a guest in someone’s home and it is never okay to snoop around and go through someone’s personal stuff. Doing things like going through her drawers, cabinets, closets, etc. will likely get you kicked out. Also, if you pick something up, put it down where you found it. For example, if you want to use the remote control to turn up music, put it back where it was; don’t make your escort search for her own things in her own home after you leave.
  4. Respect her time – Escorts are professionals and they run an appointment-based business. That being said, it is essential that you respect your escort’s time. This means that you should always be on time for the meeting or at least let her know if you are running late but count on the fact that you will still have to pay for the time you missed. When the meeting is near its end, don’t make yourself at home and hang around for too long. Remember that there is a good chance the next client is scheduled to come after you and the escort needs to change her sheets, take a shower, and get ready for the next meeting. Once you were provided with the services you ordered, pay as agreed and politely leave.
  5. Don’t draw much attention – When visiting an escort in her home, try not to draw too much attention to yourself because there is a good chance that the neighbors have no idea what your escort does for a living. Try to arrive and leave the place as discretely as possible and under no circumstances make a scene if you are, for example, not entirely satisfied with the service you got. There are much better ways to deal with this than making your escort’s life a living hell.

What you should know about outcall services provided by an escort

The opposite of incall, an outcall is the type of service where the escort will meet you either in your home or another place you pick; for example, a hotel room in Bologna. And just like with incalls, there are several rules that should be followed with outcalls too. When choosing an outcall, most girls offers traveling and this means you can aswell select girls from Vicenza escort or Verona escort aswell! Let’s discuss them.

  1. Pick a comfortable place – If you want your escort and you to have the best time possible together, you need to pick an appropriate place for that. This means that instead of renting the cheapest room in all of Bologna, you should probably try to find a hotel that meets at least the basic standards of comfort and safety. The space the two of you spend time together can greatly impact your meeting with an escort; both positively and negatively, depending on the space.
  2. Prepare for the meeting before she arrives – You should take a shower and brush your teeth shortly before the meeting is about to start to be as fresh and clean as possible when your escort arrives. Put on some nice clothes, and a touch of cologne (not too much) and generally try to look your best. The most appealing the escort find you, the effort she will put into her performance.
  3. Be alone – Unless your escort has agreed to take part in a threesome or group sex, you have to be alone when she arrives. If she is meeting you in your home, send the roommates, family members, friends, and other people who might be around away. If you are meeting her in a hotel room, you are not allowed to bring a friend. If the escort notices an extra person in the room, she will likely leave before she even steps through the door.
  4. Offer her a drink – When the escort arrives, be a gentleman and offer her a drink. However, keep in mind that it should be served in an unopened bottle because every escort knows better than to drink something that might be tampered with.
  5. Make her comfortable around you – If you want your experience with a call girl to be as best as possible, you should try to make her comfortable in your presence. If you are too eager and start to undress her the very moment she walks through the door, she won’t have a chance to relax and that tension might impact her performance negatively. Take a moment to talk to her and choose light and neutral topics rather than heavy political discussions or talking about her personal life. No escort in Bologna enjoys answering a bunch of personal questions so try to avoid the subjects that could make her uncomfortable.
  6. Have the money ready – When the escort arrives at your place, she will likely ask to see the money you have agreed to pay. Have the money ready; don’t go searching for an ATM while she waits for you in your hotel room. Also, it would be smart to bring only the money you need to pay her and leave the rest somewhere safe, for example, in your safe in the hotel or in your car. Bringing valuable possessions and loads of cash to your meeting with an escort Bologna is basically you asking for trouble. However, you should bring some extra cash in the case you want to give your call girl a tip for a good performance.