Escort Lugano

Let us help you make the final decisions about going to an escort

Are you traveling to Switzerland alone? Like many people before you, you might want to consider hiring one of the top escort Luganos to keep you company and make your stay in Switzerland even more fun. However, if you are still not entirely sure if hiring an escort in Lugano is worth your money, maybe our little pros and cons analysis will help you make the right decision.

There’s alot positive things when hiring an escort

  1. No legal issues – Prostitution has been legalized in Switzerland escort back in the 1940s and ever since then, you can pay for escort services freely, search for escorts online or in the dedicated magazines, visit licensed brothels and massage parlors where the escorts provide sensual massages, pay for companionship and sex, and all of that without having any legal issues because you will not be breaking any laws. In addition to that, since the active prostitutes and escorts have to obtain working permits, you don’t have to worry about accidentally hiring a minor or a person suffering from various sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. Great service providers in Lugano – In Lugano, you will have a chance to choose between multiple service providers and pick the best ones with the best reputation. In addition to that, you will get to choose between hundreds of different escorts and a wide variety of escort services which means that there is the right escort for everybody in Lugano. Do a little bit of research, see which escorts meet your expectations regarding the services they provide and the rates they charge and choose your new favorite call girl in no time. You can also look at Suisse escort in the same time, and compare the services and prices.
  3. Good company and great sex – Unlike street prostitutes, the high-class escorts don’t specialize only in providing sexual services. In fact, these ladies are classy and intelligent and they make for amazing companions. That is why so many people decide to pay for traditional companionship with an escort which is a service that does not involve sexual activities at all. However, if you do want to have sex with an escort, you will find a huge selection of skilled call girls in Lugano and the key to getting the best service possible is to find a girl that is on the same page as you. This means that you should always share your requirements and needs with the escort early in the process to ensure that she is willing to participate in all the sexual activities that you want to pay for.
  4. Hiring an escort is quick and easy – In the countries where prostitution and escorting are legal, hiring an escort is super easy and you can do it in a matter of minutes. Compared to casual dating, meeting an escort saves you a lot of time and effort. Just imagine how many hours you would have to put into meeting local women in Lugano and seeing if there is at least some kind of chemistry between you. However, with escorts, you get to save yourself all that trouble and get directly to the activities you prefer doing – whether that is sex or something else is entirely up to you.

The less good things about hiring and escort Lugano

Of course, there are certain things that every new escort client should be aware of before scheduling an escort from Lugano. Escort services do come with certain cons, but some of them can easily be avoided if you know what you are doing. Let’s take a look:

  1. The moral aspect of paying for sex – Many people still don’t feel entirely comfortable with the idea of paying for sexual services. However, we should point out that in the countries where escorting and prostitution have been legalized, neither you nor the escort Lugano are breaking any laws by having commercial sex so legally there is nothing wrong with exchanging sex for money. However, whether a person feels good or bad about it depends mainly on their own personal values and sense of morality. That being said, it is important to understand that the escorts are professional service providers and that there is no reason to see them in a different light than, let’s say, plumbers. As long as the escort is older than 18 and doing her job freely and willingly, there is nothing really wrong with the services she provides.
  2. The cost can be high – Yes, it is true that paying for a high-class escort isn’t cheap. However, the prices in Lugano are fair and as long as you pick a reputable service provider for the job, you will definitely get your money’s worth. If you find yourself thinking you can maybe get escorts abit cheaper, its always a good thing checking the market in Switzerland and example looking for Luasanne escort aswell. You might run into some suspiciously cheap escorts, but we would advise you not to do any kind of business with people who don’t invoke trust. You can get scammed or worse which is definitely not worth it. Choosing a reliable and trustworthy service provider is the most important decision you will make during the process of hiring an escort Lugano and if it means paying a little bit more, we would have to say that it is worth the price.
  3. Sexually transmitted diseases – While STDs are a real and present issue when it comes to sex workers there is a silver lining and it is the fact that in the countries where prostitution is legal, the prostitutes and escorts are required to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases on a regular basis. Switzerland is one of the countries where this is well regulated and organized which means that as long as you are hiring a sex worker with a valid working permit, you are in no risk of getting an STD. That being said, you should never practice unsafe sex with a call girl – even if she is clean. Using protection when engaging in sexual activities with escorts is a must and there are no exceptions to that rule. Additionally, if you want to be extra safe, we would recommend you to bring your own condoms to your meeting with an escort to ensure that they are of the best quality.