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Is there anything you should know before hiring a call girl?

Are you thinking about hiring one of the best Liege escorts for the first time? There are several things every new client should get familiar with before choosing the escort to hire and today, we are going to go through all the most important aspects of hiring a Liege escort.

Before we get into the details of meeting with an escort, let’s discuss the biggest pros and cons of hiring a call girl in Liege. This little analysis will help you decide whether or not you want to give this type of service a shot and it will also help you understand better what to expect from this experience.

Some of the highlights of hiring an escort

The first plus of hiring an escort in Liege is the fact that you can do it legally and without having to worry about sneaking around to avoid getting caught by the local police. While the majority of world’s countries haven’t legalized prostitution yet (and some probably never will), in Belgium, you can pay for sexual services legally and this is what makes Liege a great place for you to hire your first escort.

The legalized prostitution also means that you can find reputable escorts easily and you can read more about the past clients’ experiences online. This minimizes the risk of getting scammed by those who use sexual services as a cover for stealing your money, and similar. It also means that it is significantly safer to have sex with an escort in Belgium than in the countries where escorting is illegal simply because the escorts have to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases regularly to avoid spreading unwanted STDs.

However, there is also an obvious con and that is the cost of these services. The better the service you want to get, the more you will have to pay and there is no way around it. That being said, the question is whether or not it is worth to you personally to spend this kind of money on companionship and sex. Some people argue that there is no such thing as free sex because even casual dating costs you some money, plus it costs you a lot more time, effort, and emotional engagement.

Speaking of the emotions, it brings us to another big benefit of the escort services and that is the complete lack of commitment. If you are tired of all your relationship and simply want to enjoy a little bit of casual sex with no strings attached, there is no easier way to get that than by hiring one of the Liege escorts. With the casual dating and one night stands, you never know how the other person will react and whether or not there will be any drama involved after your hookup. With the escorts, however, you can be 100% sure that the experience will turn out entirely commitment-free.

Also, let’s not forget to mention the amazing variety of call girls and services to choose from. But in order to give you an even better understanding of what these services actually are and to help you pick the right call girl for you, we have to talk a little bit about escort terminology and some of the most popular services provided by call girls.

Find a discrete and high class escort!

Just like any other industry, the sex industry has its own lingo and it would be a good idea to get familiar with the commonly used terms in the escorting world before you decide to contact an escort and book a meeting. Its always a possibility for antwerpen escort or other cities to make sure you found the right. Here are some of the most popular services provided by the escorts:

Traditional/General companionship – Contrary to the popular belief, not all escorts provide sexual services in liège. In fact, this is the main difference between escorts and prostitutes and while prostitutes always provide sex in exchange for money, some escorts provide traditional companionship only. This means that a gorgeous call girl of your choosing will keep you company for the period of time that you pay for. This could mean anything from sharing a meal in your favorite restaurant to taking the escort on your next business trip. However, sexual services are not included in the package and you should not expect to get them.

Massages and sensual massages – Some escorts don’t provide the full-blown sexual services, but they do provide other kinds of experiences and some of the most popular ones include massages and sensual massages. In fact, you will often find escorts working in massage parlors and the majority of great escorts know how to give an amazing massage.

Full companionship – Full companionship, also known as full service, means that sexual services will be included in your experience with an escort. If you aren’t sure whether or not the escort you like is willing to have sex with you in exchange for money, all you have to do is ask for full companionship and you will soon know where you stand at that. However, if a call girl agrees to provide you with full services, it doesn’t automatically mean that she will agree to do anything that comes into your mind. If you require some services that could be considered non-mainstream, you should let her know in advance and ensure that she is willing to engage in that.

Vanilla – Vanilla is used to describe simple genital sex with no extras whatsoever.

Niche escorts – As we mentioned earlier, each escort has her own rules and not all escorts are willing to engage in all activities that pop into your mind. For that reason, if you require services that might be considered unconventional, you should find yourself a niche escort who specializes in services like that. For example, if you want to spend a sensual night with a dominatrix, you need to find an escort Liège willing to give you that kind of experience. There are all kinds of niche escorts out there and all you have to do is find them, contact them, and book a meeting that will turn your wildest fantasies true.

Role play – To engage in a role play of your choosing, you will probably have to hire a niche escort that specializes in your desired type of play. However, there are some roleplaying experiences that the majority of escorts would agree to take part in, for example, age play. On the other hand, there are also those that most escort would not know how to engage in. For example, if you have a favorite video game and want you and your escort to pretend that you are the characters from that game, you need to find an escort familiar with the material. You can be her Geralt of Rivia and she can be your Yennefer of Vengerberg only if she knows who Geralt and Yennefer are. If you have no idea who we are talking about now, it proves our point.

But wait, theres more

Girlfriend experience – For all you romantic souls out there, sex with an escort doesn’t have to be quick and cold. In fact, one of the most popular services provided by the escorts all over the world is the so-called girlfriend experience where the escort treats you just like a regular girlfriend would. You are free to define the girlfriend experience however you like; simply tell the escort what she should behave like and she will do her best to be the perfect girlfriend to you for the time you are paying her for.

Porn star experience – If you have always wanted to have sex like those porn stars in your favorite X-rated films do, asking for porn star experience is the right way to go. It is another of the extremely popular services provided by escorts and it can involve everything from reenacting your favorite porn scenes with your call girl to hiring an actual porn star.

Now that we have talked about the most popular services provided by the Liege escorts, let’s move on to some other terms you should be familiar with when hiring an escort.

General escort terminology:

From time to time, you will probably hear some works when talking to an escort in liège and trying to book an appointment, but you won’t be sure what exactly they refer to. To avoid situations like that, here is our quick quite in the general escort terminology:

Incall – When booking an appointment with an escort from liège, one of the things the two of you will have to agree on is the location of your meeting. If the escort offers you incall services, it means you will be visiting her in her home. In some cases, this term refers to a room in a brothel or in a similar establishment provided by an agency your escort works for.

Outcall – The opposite of incall; if the escort Liège agrees to provide outcall services, it means that she will meet you wherever you want, maybe in mons, so you dont have to find an mons escort or namur escort. The most popular locations for meeting call girls are hotel rooms or, in some cases, the client’s home. Wherever you choose to meet her, we would advise you to pick a nice and comfortable location.

AC/DC – This means that the escort you are hiring is bisexual. If, for example, you are planning a group experience or a threesome, this is a great choice. However, keep in mind that you have to notify the escort that you will not be alone; in fact, she should know the exact number of people that will be present there in advance.

Individual escort – An escort working alone with no company, agency, pimp, or any third party involved.

Escort agency – An agency employing escort. When scheduling the meeting with an escort from an agency, you will likely talk to the agency staff first and you will probably not be paying the escort directly because the agency commonly handles all the money transactions.

All covered – This means that you will have to use condoms for all types of sexual activities that you and the escort engage in. No exceptions.

There are many other terms used in the escorting business, but we have mentioned all the most frequently used ones that should be enough to help you better understand your escort when scheduling a date. Now that we have taken care of that, let quickly go over some basic tips that will help you have the best experience possible with your escort.

Nice to know knowledge before visiting the selected escort

    1. Treat an escort with respect – Let’s start with the most important tip of all and say that every client should treat an escort with the utmost respect. It is sometimes easy to forget that escorts are professionals like all other professional service providers out there and that they deserve to be treated as such. Remember that your escort is a person with her own feeling and that the better you treat her, the better she will treat you.
    2. Don’t take photos – This is one of those unwritten rules that every client should respect. When with an escort, turn off all cameras that you might have in place and never take pictures of your call girl unless she specifically agrees to it. Imagine the troubles your escort could get into if these pictures went public; maybe she is in a relationship, maybe she has a second job, or maybe she has children who definitely shouldn’t see this type of pictures or recordings.
    3. Be clean – The importance of personal hygiene should never be underestimated, especially when there is an intimate contact involved. Before you meet with your escort, take a shower and brush your teeth, put on clean clothes, and use deodorant to be more appealing to the escort Liège when she meets you.
    4. Don’t bring too much money with you – When meeting with an escort, bring only the money you need to pay for the service and maybe a little extra in case you want to give her a tip. However, we would advise you to keep your wallet with your credit cards and the rest of your money somewhere else where it cannot be easily spotted and stolen.