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Amsterdam is the city of fun and you know that once you decide to visit, you will have a great time. Speaking of prostitution, not only is it legal to pay for sex in with an Netherland escort, but all related activities are legal as well including owning an operating a brothel, pimping, etc. In fact, Amsterdam has an entire part of town dedicated to sex tourism. The best known Red light district in Amsterdam is called De Wallen and it contains approximately rooms rented by prostitutes who offer their services behind a window. This is so-called window prostitution and it the most distinctive type of sex work in Amsterdam.

That being said, escorts are not exactly prostitutes and they work in a slightly different way. Sure, you can hire a prostitute anytime in Amsterdam, but if you want one of the top escort Amsterdams or Rotterdam escort, there are several things to know first.

Is there a difference between an escort and a prostitute?

Let’s start by explaining the difference between an escort and a prostitute. A prostitute simply sells sexual services which is perfectly fine in Amsterdam as long as she has a work permit and isn’t a street worker. Street prostitution and the prostitution of minors are forbidden by law. An escort, on the other hand, sells more than just sex and the main focus of their services is companionship. Of course, the majority of escorts do indeed provide sexual services in exchange for money but it is not always the case.

However, before we get into the details of how to hire an escort, let’s briefly discuss the benefits of hiring an escort in Amsterdam or at the red light district.

One of the main reasons people decide to hire an escort is the fact that you can get sex on demand with no commitment whatsoever. It is basically the easiest way to enjoy sexual services provided by a gorgeous woman with zero emotional involvement. It takes very little effort on the client’s part; all they have to do is simply get in touch with the call girl of their choice, book a meeting, and enjoy their time together.

Multiple choices when picking the perfect girl

Another big plus is the variety of escorts and escort services in Amsterdam. You can choose any type of girl to hire and she will appear on your doorstep at the scheduled time. escort Amsterdams are people of all skin colors, nationalities, races, genres, body types, hair colors, ages, etc. The variety is indeed huge and it is a unique chance for every client to choose the person of their dreams and make those dreams turn true.

On top of that, escorts are professional sex workers and they have skills that you will surely enjoy under the sheets. But to make things even better, escorts will never judge you for your sexual preferences, fantasies, or fetishes. All you have always wanted to do in the bedroom but never had a chance, it is all right here within your reach and all you have to do is find the right escort to fulfill your wishes.

Always remember to abide by the rules as well as the unwritten rules

That being said, you should also know that each red light district escort has different rules and restrictions which means that just because you have hired an escort, it does not necessarily mean that she will agree to do all the things that pop into your mind. This is why good communication is an essential part of having a great time with an escort. The easiest way to ensure that you are hiring the right person for the job is by contacting the agency, tell them all there is to tell about your sexual preferences, fantasies, and desired experiences, and then let the agency match you with the perfect escort for your requirements and your budget.

What type of escort service can you buy in Amsterdam?

However, in order to know exactly what services to ask for, you should first get familiar with the basics of the escort lingo. Here are some of the most popular terms often used to describe different experiences and services provided by high-class escorts:

Traditional escort service – The purpose of this service is keeping loneliness at bay and having someone to keep you company, talk to you, accompany you during your long, boring, and lonely business trips, etc. Contrary to the popular belief, sex isn’t the most important part of escorts’ business and, in fact, more people hire escorts for their company than for sexual acts.

Private massage service – Many escorts have been trained to give great massages and private massage services provided by escorts are more popular than you would think, you can find alot of theese services at the red light district. In fact, in some countries where prostitution is forbidden by law, escorts operate under the cover of massage parlors and that’s where you can commonly find them. However, since Netherland has legalized prostitution and escorting, there is no need for the escorts to hide in establishments of this sort, but that does not mean that the escort Amsterdams don’t know how to give you a great massage.

Full companionship/Full service – As we mentioned earlier, not all escorts include sexual acts in their companionship and if sex is what you are after, you can simply ask for full companionship or full service. In escort terminology, this means that sexual services that you ask for will be provided to you during the meeting with your escort. It all comes down to specifying the type of service you want from this point on.

Niche escort – Niche escort is an escort providing non-mainstream services that the majority of escort would not agree to provide. If you have any particular fetish or some sexual fantasies that could be considered unconventional, you should look for a niche escort, describe the type of experience you want, and see whether or not she is willing to engage in the described acts with you. There are many different niches and escorts providing all kinds of services, and there is a good chance you will find the right one for you. The easiest way to do so is by contacting an escort agency and ask the staff about the niche you are interested in.

Incall services – These are the services that the escort will provide to you in her own home or operating place, for example, a brothel. This means that you will be visiting the escort from Amsterdam in the place she chooses and there are certain rules that should be respected in cases like this, but we will get into more details about that later when talking about the escort etiquette.

Outcall services – The opposite of the incall services; the outcall services are the services an escort will provide to you in your home, your hotel room, or some other place that you pick. However, if you want your outcall to go as well as possible, you should try to find a nice and safe place where both you and the escort will feel comfortable and relaxed. If you don’t find any girl attractive in Amsterdam, you can aswell find Den haag escort and ask them for visiting you in Amsterdam. For example, if you are choosing a hotel room, pick a hotel in a safe neighborhood that meets at least the basic standards of comfort instead of renting the cheapest room you can find.

Girlfriend experience – Some people like to feel close to their escorts and enjoy the so-called girlfriend experience. It is one of the most popular escort services and it is very similar to having a date with an actual girlfriend. Some people want it to be a full date with dinner, candles, shared shower, passionate sex, cuddling, etc. Others simply want the sex to feel more intimate. There is no one correct definition of how the girlfriend experience is supposed to look like and, ultimately, it all comes down to the client. If you are thinking about this kind of experience, simply describe the escort what exactly this means for you, how she should behave around you, and what the two of you should do together, and the escort will do her best to provide you with an experience tailored to your wishes.

Porn star experience – For the fans of the porno film, there is no better option than hiring a call girl willing to provide a porn star experience. This type of experience involves everything you can think of when you hear the name “porn star experience”. In some cases, it means hiring an actual porn star. However, this only happens if the porn star in question is in town and willing to provide these services – which happens more often than you think. In most cases, however, this means hiring an escort Amsterdam who will try to behave like a porn star would on an erotic film set. If you have a favorite porno movie, you can bring it with you, and ask the escort to reenact some of the scenes with you. If not, just let the call girl do her best in mimicking the behavior of your favorite porn star.

3G experience – An experience popular among those who don’t want too much contact with an escort apart from having sex with her. The 3 Gs in the name of this service stand for “get in, get off, get out,” and that pretty much explains it all. It means no unnecessary conversation and getting down to business right away. It also means that the escort from Amsterdam leaves the very moment she has provided you with the services you asked for; after you pay her, of course.

Role play – Role plays are super popular and they can involve millions of things. Some people prefer age play where one person pretends to be significantly older or younger than the other; some people like an animal play where one or both people involved pretend to be animals; some like cosplay which can mean anything from dressing up as your favorite RPG character to dressing up as your favorite actress, etc. The possibilities are endless when it comes to roleplaying.

Remember to tell the escort about your desires

There are many other services provided by escorts and we could talk for hours about each of them, but the best way to ensure that you know what the service you have in mind is called in the escorts’ dictionary is to search for it online or to simply describe the experience you want to the escort of your choice. She will know what to do even if you don’t know the exact name of things.

Now that we have covered the basics of the escort terminology, let’s talk about some unwritten rules that every client should follow in order to have the best experience with an escort without getting themselves in trouble with the escort or the agency she works for.

The basics of escort, which you should obey

While meeting an escort is in many ways similar to going on a casual date, there are some unwritten rules that should be followed, this counts aswell with the red light district. If you don’t have much experience with escorts, these are the essential things you should know before meeting an escort Amsterdam for the first time:

  1. Personal hygiene – We believe that you already know all about the importance of personal hygiene but it cannot hurt to get back to the basics once again. The problem is that many people believe that just because they are paying for someone’s company, they don’t have to put any effort into preparing to meet them. That is definitely not true because even though an red light district escort is paid to spend time with you, she will still notice if you haven’t showered for 5 days – and she might even refuse to provide you with the services you ordered if that is the case. The truth is you should put at least a little bit of effort into the final preparations in order to make the experience better for both of you. You don’t have to do anything over the top but take a shower, put on clean underwear and fresh clothes, brush your teeth, etc. These little things can impact your date with an escort significantly.
  2. Treat her with respect – This is another thing that some clients seem to be confused with. You have to keep in mind that you are hiring a professional service provider and the fact that the service in question involves sex does not make it any less of a business transaction as you paying an auto mechanic to change your car battery. You are purchasing a service, not a person and it is vital that you treat this person with utmost According to the long-time escorts, their job is quite enjoyable and fun, but the overall experience gets easily ruined by a single rude and aggressive client. You should never try to force an escort into doing things she isn’t comfortable with and you should never get overly rough with her. Not only will you likely ruin the experience, but you will probably also get banned from all the reputable escort services in Amsterdam. Keep in mind that the better you treat an escort, the better she will treat you – it’s a win-win situation.
  3. Use protection – All escorts in Netherland have to obtain a work license and undergo regular STD tests financed by the government. This means that the majority of escorts are STD-free and are not drug addicts. This is one of the things that makes hiring an escort a lot safer than hiring a street prostitute with no work permit. That being said, the majority of escorts would never agree to have unprotected sex with a client and you should not try to convince them otherwise. If, on the other hand, you find an escort in Amsterdam or Eindhoven escort which is willing to provide this type of service, keep in mind that you are putting yourself at risk because she has probably done that before hence a bigger chance of getting a sexually transmitted disease. We would also recommend you to bring your own condoms to ensure that they are of the highest quality.
  4. No cameras – The clients sometimes think that snapping a picture or a video of an escort Amsterdam will earn them bragging rights among their friends, but the truth is that it will earn you a ban from all the reputable escorts in Amsterdam. You can only take a picture of your escort if she specifically agrees to it. Trying to do it behind her back though is a big no-no and it is wrong on many different levels. Keep in mind that your escort is a person with her own personal relationships and maybe even a part-time job outside of the escorting world. If these pictures or videos got out, her entire life could be compromised which is definitely not okay on your part.
  5. Pay as agreed – When it comes to paying for escort services, there are several things that should be said on the subject. First of all, when offered different payment options, we would advise you to always pick cash. You should never share your credit card details with anybody unless absolutely necessary and paying cash could save you some trouble down the road. On top of that, with cash, you don’t have to worry about escort services appearing on your credit card bill. That being said, you should have the cash you need ready before the meeting because there is a chance the escort will ask you to see the money you have agreed to pay before she provides you with any services. Running to the ATM and getting the money during the meeting will take away from the precious time you are paying for. Also, always pay as agreed. You have had your chance to negotiate when you first contacted your escort to schedule a meeting and once you agreed to a specific price – that price became final. When the time comes for you to pay for the services, you should never try to haggle and get yourself a better deal. Simply pay as agreed and be on your way.
  6. Respect her time – When meeting an red light district escort, try to be on time because if you are late, you are still paying for the time you missed. Also, if there is no chance you will make it to the meeting in time, notify your escort that you will be late. If you have to cancel the meeting altogether, try to let her know with as much notice as possible. Keep in mind that you are not the only client your escort Amsterdam is seeing that day and it is important that all clients respect the escort’s time. That being said, once the meeting is over, don’t take too much time to pay her. If you are going on an incall, don’t overstay your visit by hanging around for too long. You don’t have to run away the moment she has provided you with the services you ordered but leave in a timely manner. On the other hand, if the escort is meeting you in your home or your hotel room, don’t try to keep her around by talking about all the things you want to talk and avoiding to give her her money for as long as possible. Respectfully pay her as agreed and say goodbye.
  7. Three is a crowd – You are free to order a threesome or another type of group experience if that is what you want. However, if you don’t do that and the escort expects you to be alone when she meets you, you have to indeed be alone. Three is a crowd in this situation and the escort Amsterdam will likely refuse not only to provide you with the services you were promised but even to enter the room where there is a third person present. If you are meeting her in a hotel don’t bring a friend; if she is coming to your home, send your roommates away; if there are any children in your household, make sure they are not around when the escort arrives. Also, if you have any pets, let her know in advance. Many people are scared of certain animals or have allergies that can be potentially very dangerous. That being said, an escort should know exactly what to expect when she comes to meet you so keep the communication open and inform her of anything she should be aware of.