Escort Napoli

Take advantage of centuries of escorts

Italy escort has always been a country of rich culture and great entertainment. One thing we can say for sure; when visiting Napoli, you are definitely not going to get bored. However, if you get lonely and feel in the mood for a little adventure, hiring one of Napoli escorts might be the right solution for you.

So let’s talk about how you can hire an escort in Napoli step by step:

What can you get from an escort, and what do you want?

There are many different types of escort services to choose from and before you start looking for an escort, you should know what kind of experience you want from your call girl. Call girls are not prostitutes and they offer a much wider variety of services including:

Traditional companionship – A type of service popular among businessmen who often take long and lonely business trips. If you choose this type of service, your escort will keep you company, travel with you, talk to you, listen to your problems, etc. She will be a perfect companion for the period of time you pay her to spend with you. However, keep in mind that traditional companionship usually does not involve sexual services.

Full companionship – This is the type of service you should ask for if you want sex to be included in the deal with your Napoli escort. Full companionship means different things to different people; for some, it is traditional companionship plus erotic massages and sex, while for others it simply means a quick sex session with your call girl. You are free to define it however it fits your needs.

Niche escorts – If you want full companionship, but have some particular sexual requirements that could be considered non-mainstream, you might want to hire a niche escort who specializes in the services you require. There are hundreds of different niches to choose from and the most popular involve roleplaying, BDSM, golden showers, A-level, etc. If simple vanilla sex isn’t exactly your cup of tea, hiring a niche escort is the perfect solution for you.

Make sure you know what you want to pay

If you don’t have to worry about money and how much you are going to spend on your escort, you might as well skip this step. However, for the majority of other clients who are not exactly in that position, we would advise deciding on a budget early on. This could help you choose the services that you can afford and it will also help you determine which escort or agency offers you the best deal.

Find a trustworthy service provider

One of the biggest mistakes people often make when hiring a Napoli escort or Bologna escort is simply hiring the first call girl they find. If you truly want the best experience your money can buy, you will have to do a little bit of research and determine which are the best service providers in the area and choose one of them. Find the escorts’ websites and carefully read all about the services they provide as well as about their terms and conditions. If there is an online chat available on the website, use it to get a better idea of who the person on the other side is. Don’t forget to search for reviews written by the past clients and let them guide you towards the reputable and trustworthy service providers. If anything about an escort seems suspicious, don’t risk it and choose another one. Suspicious things to look out for could include anything from weirdly low prices to pictures that appear not to be authentic. Also, if the escorts seem to be overly young, ask for proof of age. Prostitution in Italy might be legal but that rule applies only to people who are over 18 years old.

How to contact the escort, and ask for the services

Once you have found the Napoli escort that seems like the right fit for you, it is time to contact her and discuss the details. We would advise you to always describe your desired experience as well as possible to give the escort the right idea of what you are expecting from her. If you have any questions, this is the moment for you to ask everything you want to know. This is also the point where you and the Napoli escort should agree on the price and once that price is agreed upon, it becomes unnegotiable; don’t try to haggle and get yourself a better deal after the escort had provided you with the services you ordered. When you achieve a mutual agreement, it is time to schedule a meeting.

All reputable escorts require the new clients to go through a quick verification process. This means that the escort will likely ask you some personal questions and you will have to give her at least some answers if you want her to agree to meet with you. Don’t disclose any information you are not comfortable sharing, but she should know your real name and your contact number. The number will be used to confirm the appointment on the day of the meeting. Also, if you are hiring an escort from an agency, there is a chance the agency will contact you once your meeting is over to check on your level of satisfaction.

Choosing an safe location, which is presentable

When it comes to the location you and your escort will meet, there are several options that you should consider. First of all, keep in mind that some escorts work incall only which means that you will have to meet the escort in her home. If this is the case, there are several simple rules each client should follow. First of all, once your Napoli escort gives you her address, you have to keep that information a secret and never share it with other people. When you arrive at her place, you have to be on your best behavior, meaning that you shouldn’t make too big a mess, and you definitely shouldn’t mess around with her stuff. Once the meeting is near its end, politely pay her and leave; don’t try to hang around for too long because there is a good chance she is expecting another client after you.

If, on the other hand, you and the escort agree on an outcall service, she will meet you either in your home or in a hotel room of your choice. Again, there are some simple rules you should be familiar with when it comes to outcalls. First of all, it is important that the location is comfortable and safe; don’t just rent the cheapest motel room in Napoli because neither you nor the escort will enjoy this experience as much as you should. Also, remember that you have to be alone when your escort arrives so if you have any roommates, children, or some friends over, they have to leave before the call girl arrives. The only exception to this rule is the case where the escort agrees to take part in a threeway or a similar kind of experience. If you have any pets, let her know when booking an appointment.

How to prepare for the date

The importance of personal hygiene should never be underestimated and that goes double for the situations that involve close contact such as having sex with an Napoli escort. That being said, you should take a shower and brush your teeth shortly before the escort arrives to be as fresh and clean as possible. You should also shave, and put on some nice and fresh clothes to be as appealing as possible because remember that if the escort really likes you, she is likely to put extra effort into her performance. Don’t forget to prepare the exact amount of money you have agreed to pay.

When the escort arrives at your place, try not to be too eager and give her a chance to become comfortable around you. Offer her a drink in an unopened bottle and talk to her for a while before getting down to business. When talking to an escort in Napoli, stick to the friendly subjects and avoid asking her too many personal questions. Escorts usually don’t enjoy talking about their personal life to their clients and if you start asking her about her private relationships, children, or the reasons she does this job, you might make her even more uncomfortable which will reflect badly on her performance with you. Keep things casual and let her relax before you move things into the bedroom.

Once you decide to engage in sexual acts with an escort, you should always use protection. The majority of escorts will refuse to provide you with sexual services if you refuse to wear a condom so in most cases, this is a must. However, even if the Napoli escort and Verona escort agrees to provide services that involve no protection, you should probably refuse. After all, you can never be too careful when you are putting your health at risk. However, we have to mention that the escorts who do their job legally and have a work permit are required by law to take regular STD tests so as long as you have hired a reliable service provider, you should be at no risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease. That being said, wear the condom anyway.

When choosing the payment method to cover for the escort services, you should always pick cash. The majority of escort accept cash only, but there are those who will agree to other payment methods. However, no matter how convenient it is to pay with a credit card, you shouldn’t do it. After all, paying cash for this type of service is the safest way to go. If you want to make it even safer, only bring the money you need to pay the escort from Napoli with you and leave the rest of your money somewhere else, for example, in your car.

Providing feedback can help the next customer or maybe you

Providing feedback is quite important in this line of work because it helps to improve the Napoli escort services. Let the call girl know if there was something you particularly enjoyed or something you didn’t enjoy at all. If the escort agency contacts you to ask about your experience, tell them how it went and they will use this information to improve their services. The reputable escort agencies want to provide only the highest quality of services and they want to know how their employees perform to weed out those that cannot meet the agency’s standards – and your feedback helps at that a lot.

If you have a moment to spare, you should also consider writing a review either directly on the escort’s website or maybe on some forum dedicated to Napoli escorts and their performance. This is particularly important if your experience was extremely good or bad. If it was average, the world will survive without your review, but every new potential client wants to know about the best and the worst experiences with escorts in Napoli and Modena escort and by writing a review, you are helping them choose a trusted service provider.

Always obey the unwritten rules, and show the Napoli escort respect

Now, for the very end, here are some little tips that will help you have the best possible experience with your escort:

Tip 1: No cameras

Remember that you are not allowed to take any pictures during your meeting with an escort, particularly during your bedroom activities.

Tip 2: Ask for sex advice

The escorts are professional sexual service providers and they are pretty open-minded when it comes to talking about sex. Whatever you’ve always wanted to know about female anatomy and sex in general, now is your chance to ask.

Tip 3: Respect your escort

The successful escort-client relationship is based on mutual respect. Treat your Napoli escort right and she will put an extra effort into turning all your fantasies and dream true. If you treat her badly, not only will your experience be nowhere near as good as it could be, but you might also find yourself blacklisted with all reputable escorts in Napoli.