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Escort Advisor is a fabulous database of sex workers, offering a smorgasboard of Italian sensual delights. Whether you are looking for a sex date, strip club, cam-girl, or escort; Escort Advisor can definitely find you the right worker and girl. The site is offered solely in Italian, but can be translated using the Google translate feature. 

The site itself is clunky and difficult to navigate. Sometimes advertisements and pop ups detract from the experience, so we recommend downloading an ad-blocker before browsing the site. On the other hand, these pop-ups feature good deals on visiting workers and often list ‘specials’ on Escort Advisor featured sex parlours or venues. The scrolling ‘featured’ list shows visiting workers, one time deals, and special occasions. Like any other industry, Escort Advisor strives to keep it’s Johns engaged, entertained, and horny. They do this by titillating photographs, videos, featured cam-girls, and allowing dirty talk in all advertisements and listings. Please note a lot of the worker’s faces are heavily blurred for protection, and no one- neither Johns in the comments, agencies, or the women themselves- should and can post any personal information on the database. 

Italian beauties have enchanted artists, Roman heroes, and men from around the world. It is called the home of Beauty for a reason. Some artists even argue that the concentration of art movements in Italy is down to the beautiful women that exist as muses there. That being said, most of the women working in the Italian sex industry are not actually Italian! There is a high concentration of Russian and Eastern European women on the database, though, because of multicultural Europe, most will speak some Italian and English. If you desire a girl or worker who does speak English, you can filter this on your Escort Guide results.

So can you use an escort with escort advisor in italy?

Prostitution in Italy is legal by omission in a tricky constitutional case. The government doesn’t criminalize the workers. However, brothels were banned in 1958 and organized prositution along with it. So owning a brothel is really the only illegal part of sex work. Soliciting and selling sex, however, is still legal. This allows and makes for a booming sex market and trade. Italy is great for the romantic and sensual traveller. Plus the presence of oysters and delicious chocolate only serves as additional aphrodisaics. 

As a visiting john, you will need to note that Italy is very strict in ensuring payment and fair treatment of workers. In a 2010 constitutional court decision Italy created a new precedent that clients who did not pay the worker would be considered guilty of rape. Rape carries a mandatory prison sentence in Italy. 

Escort Advisor is the perfect Italian database, with over a thousand of girls, venues, and services to choose from. To stop you getting overwhelmed by this choice, the site features a filter and search system to guide you to the right service or model for your sexual satisfaction. And there really is something for everyone! Proximity to Asia and Africa means that Escort Advisor has a range of types of women to choose from. Sex work has been legalized in Italy however, pimping and owning a brothel is illegal. This means you need a great in-the-know database like Escort Advisor to provide you with the best location and information for sex works from across the great nation. 

Why use an escort?

Sex is a regular thing. And wanting to have sex is part of being human. Every person on the planet feels sexual urges, and it’s the only society that makes it so difficult to act on them. From priests to politicians to doctors to waiters, everybody (except those identifying as asexual) wants sex. Escort and prostitute services skip all the community, emotional, and societal baggage to fill a need for sexual release and satisfaction, and make things crystal clear by charging a price for it! 

The sex trade booms because it fills a need. But before hiring a girl, you need to identify that need. Sure you want an orgasm- but what turns you on? Are you looking for a penetrative experience, simply oral sex, a sexual massage, or a niche fetish? If it’s the latter, you will need to call ahead and research what is available at particular venues in order to avoid disappointment. 

A john, just like a sex worker, can be anybody. Escort Advisor, accordingly, is available to be translated into many languages and lists a variety of services. There are even easy curated lists: like first-timers, BDSM workers, or She-Male models. This means that anybody- be they overworked, simply horny, nervous around women, or looking to experiment- can find the perfect sexual partner and fix. 

Not that any John needs to justify a visit to a brothel! Brothels and sex work is the oldest profession in the world for a reason! Because demand has always been there. 

Escort Advisor can help you find your dream girl

Escort Advisor is an expansive and extensive database of sex workers and sexual services in Italy. Most major cities, including Rome, Florence, Verona, Milan, and Venice are listed. Venice listings usually occur off the island so take that into account. Escort advisor also includes pictures of individual sex workers, locations and details of bordellos, sexual massage parlour details, and a great variety of other services. However, note that personal details are excluded and faces are heavily blurred for safety reasons. This is to keep women safe but can be frustrating when someone doesn’t look how you expect. You can specify a particular aesthetic of worker if you so desire, after all, the database is packed with choice and variety. With over 1000 models listed, If it's legal and sexy, Escort Advisor will have it covered! 

Sexual tourists flock to sites like Escort Advisor as they require little to no insider or local knowledge to navigate. Whether you speak Italian fluently and live as an Expat, or whether you are just visiting for the weekend; Escort Advisor will find the right girls to help you reach sexual satisfaction. 

There is no need to have reservations about hiring a sex worker. Across the industry, it is recognised that Johns can be anyone. There is no one reason that men choose to engage with a sex worker: perhaps they just want convenience. Alternatively, perhaps a man might feel desperate for sexual release or feel too busy to date the more conventional way. With the expansion of internet services and databases like Escort Advisor sex work and employing an escort has become more and more normalised and commonplace. From pop culture references like Diary of a Sex Worker to relationships in Lost; sex work has stepped into the forefront of normal and healthy sexual releases. This is especially true in Europe and Denmark which sees prostitution legalised and regulated to the protection of Johns and girls employed by the industry. 

Escorts and adult work services are available, accessible, and desired by many. Lots of Johns find courtship and romancing time-consuming and frustrating. This is another reason the sex industry thrives in Denmark; people who feel stressed or stretched too thin to date; people who struggle to maintain romantic relationships; those who simply want sex without emotional baggage- these people all still need a sexual release. Even if time and effort is a limitation, the very human response of feeling horny and desiring release is natural. To be able to purchase this release feels like a natural transaction. After all, you can buy a drink when you are thirsty; a massage when you are tense; and food when you are hungry. Why not be able to purchase sex when you are horny? 

The reasons for employing a sex worker are endless. But much more importantly. Is the fact that Johns doesn’t need to justify hiring a sex worker. These women and employed workers rely on a sustained demand for sex to pay their bills. It’s a livelihood and a legitimate industry and profession. As long as both parties are safe, all acts are agreed upon and consensual, and remuneration is decided before acts occur- then all is above board! There is no reason to justify or give a reason for employing a professional to fill a need. 

Do you want to hire a sex worker?

There are many reasons why you should use an Escort Advisor to hire a sex worker. Escort and prostitute services, for example, are excellent for people who are nervous about sex, find courtship a daunting prospect, or are just looking to practise with a professional after a long dry spell. If this is the case with you then it is worth investing in a judgement-free professional who can help you saddle up the horse and get back into the sex game. Sex workers are experienced people who do not judge- they have seen it all and will be more willing to help you with finding confidence and sexual release.  

Many people, and all escort professionals, understand that sex is an essential part of a balanced lifestyle and holistic human experience. This is why so many busy professionals and successful entrepreneurs or artists seek out escorts and prostitutes. With so much activity on their plate, escorts and sex workers are the perfect way to unwind, refresh, and scratch that sexual itch in clear cut, hassle-free manner. Check out Escort Advisor and use sex to relax! 

We all know that post-orgasm release! Science shows that finding sexual release is a great way to relax and improve mood, releases endorphins, and tension. If this isn’t reason enough to hire a sex worker, just think of that post-orgasm release. Science also shows that having an orgasm helps you to sleep better and helps burn calories. In short, it’s an all-around health benefit! 

With professionals from across Italy, this reliable and verified ladies forum is a great way to hack into the benefits of regular sex for your mental and physical health. Escort Advisor is your one-stop for all of these health benefits and professional sex work activities. Whether you are interested in a massage parlour with a happy ending, a bordello with lots of sensual choice, or a private escort- then Escort Advisor is sure to be able to help! 

It is worth mentioning that Italy and the Escort Advisor prioritises respect and the safety of workers. This is an excellent indicator of respect and the welfare of sex workers within the nation. That means Johns cannot release personal details of sex workers; including their age, full name, address, or contact details. Any details the girl herself wishes to release is beside the point. Respecting the privacy of a worker is the single most important part of an escort interaction. Respect also looks like laying out crystal clear rules of engagement before deciding on the price of an interaction. If you want something other than penetrative sex- be it anal, oral, kissing, or rough sex- then you need to specify that during discussions. These are extras that are usually additionally priced because they increase risk and maybe extra effort or work on the part of the escort. It is part of the reason that in a bordello prices must be decided with the door girl or floor manager before the girl and John head back into a private room together. This is to stop any confusion and ensure that everyone is taken care of. 

Always respect the women you find yourself with

Respect also looks like strict verbal consent and respectful language. This means any slurs or dirty talk that may be construed as offensive needs to be discussed and agreed upon. Consent also includes wearing a condom- which is legally mandated by the Italian law- and using polite language. It also looks like checking before acting. A simple question like “is this alright?” makes a world of difference. It is a demonstration of verbal, enthusiastic consent- which is the Italian standard for legal and respectful sex work. 

For all your sexual needs in Italy, look no further than Escort Advisor! With listings including private bordellos, call-in sex workers, massage parlours, and cam-girls; there is no ending of choice and ways to satisfy any of your sexual desires.