Escort Utrecht

You can choose the girl you like best, not the other way around!

If you are visiting the Netherlands, one of the many things you might consider doing is hiring one of the best escort Utrechts. You can do it entirely legally and have a great time with a call girl that you like best. However, there are some things to keep in mind before meeting an escort. Here is our quick guide on the basics of the escort etiquette.

Normal rules you should obey, when hiring an escort

Like everywhere else, you are dealing with a person, and are buying an service from a person, this means there are rules you should obey when hiring an escort. We have tried typing some of them here:

  1. Respect her time

    If you schedule your meeting with an escort Utrecht or Rotterdam escort for, let’s say, 2 p.m., your time starts to run out exactly then. This means that if you are late for your meeting with a call girl, you will still have to pay for the time you missed. However, it would be nice of you if you let the girl know that you are running late instead of letting her there wondering whether or not you will show up at all. At the end of the meeting, don’t try to keep her around for too long because she likely has to leave and get ready for the meeting with the next client. Pay her once the services were provided to you and let her leave and do her thing.

  2. Don’t haggle or bargain about the price

    – If you have agreed to pay a certain price before the meeting even started, you have to pay as agreed when the time comes for you to give her the money. Many clients think they can score a better price at that point and they try to haggle which is a sign of a poor taste. Remember that an escort is a professional; she is providing you with services you ordered and she deserves to be paid as agreed. Even though you are purchasing companionship or sexual acts, your date with an escort is still a business transaction and avoiding to pay the full price will get you nowhere. In fact, the only thing you might accomplish by that is getting yourself banned from all reputable escorts in Utrecht.

  3. Make yourself ready to get satisfied by your dream girl

    Clients sometimes don’t take the preparation for meeting an escort seriously which can result in the meeting not being nearly as enjoyable as it could be. The preparations should involve taking a shower before the escort arrives, brushing your teeth, dressing in clean clothes, and similar. If you are doing outcall services and found yourself an Amsterdam escort you can also ask her if you can borrow a shower before getting started. You should also prepare the cash you need to pay for the services in advance rather than trying to collect a sufficient amount at the end of the meeting. We would also advise you to purchase condoms before the meeting because even though the escort from Utrecht will probably have condoms to offer you, it is always safer to use your own protection and be sure the condoms are of the highest quality.

  4. No cameras, or filming

    Remember that you are not allowed to take pictures of your escort unless she gives you a green light. If you try to snap a shot without her knowing, it could get you permanently banned from the local escorts.