Escort Köln

If you are planning to hire an escort in Köln, you have chosen a great location to do so. escort Kölns are some of the top escort service providers in Germany and they know how to do their job right. However, how should a client behave when meeting an escort for the first time? If you are still not entirely clear on all the rules regarding the escort etiquette, you have come to the right place because we are going to give you all the useful tips right now.

The basics of escort etiquette

  1. An escort is a professional – It is easy sometimes to forget that escorts are professional service providers just like auto mechanics, plumbers, or doctors. Yes, these services often include sex, but that does not mean that the call girls should not be treated with respect. Always keep in mind that this is a business transaction and that you have paid for someone’s services, not for a person. This means that you should never try to force an escort into anything she is not comfortable with and you should never, ever behave aggressively.
  2. Be on time – Clients are often late for their appointments with an escort which usually drives the escorts crazy because they work on a really tight schedule. Keep in mind that once your meeting is over, she has to get ready for the next client because you are likely not the only person she is seeing that day. Also do not take too long to pay her once the meeting is coming to an end. Some people try to keep the escort around longer by withholding money – don’t do that. If, on the other hand, you are visiting the escort in her home, respectively leave shortly after she has provided you with the services you have paid for; do not overstay your welcome.
  3. Be alone – Unless you have paid for a threesome or a group experience, you have to be alone when the escort meets you. For example, if she is coming to visit you in your home, send the roommates away. If you are meeting her in a hotel, do not bring a friend. If the escort is expecting to meet only one client, there indeed has to be only one client or she will likely turn around and leave before she even steps through your door.
  4. Give your real name – You can expect some type of screening process when you hire an escort and this is perfectly normal. After all, she is taking a pretty big risk meeting a total stranger and knowing your identity is at least some form of a security blanket. You should tell her your real name over the phone when booking an appointment, and if she asks to see your identification when the two of you meet, show it to her. Also, expect her to ask for your phone number because she will likely want to confirm the appointment shortly before you meet.
  5. Be clean – There is no better way to put this so we are just going to say it: Come to the meeting clean. You would not believe how many escorts have had to deal with clients who have not taken a shower or brushed their teeth in days and you can imagine how uncomfortable that is for a call girl. Do not put her in that situation because, frankly, that is horrible. Take a shower, brush your teeth, put on some clean clothes, etc. You do not have to spend hours getting ready, but take 15 minutes of your time to at least do these basic things before you meet her.
  6. Use protection – We believe you already know all the reasons why it is super important not to have unprotected sex with an escort. That being said, we would also advise you to bring your own condoms. There have been some cases where escorts tried to get pregnant with some of their richest clients by poking holes in condoms they brought to the meeting. Of course, the chance of this happening are extremely small, but you can never be too careful when it comes to life-changing things like this.
  7. No pictures – You can never take photos of the escort during your meeting unless she agrees. Usually, the unwritten rule is that there are no cameras in the room of the meeting. Trying to snap a picture behind her back could get you permanently blacklisted from all reputable escort agencies in the area as there is a database of the problematic clients available to all agencies.
  8. Have a friendly conversation – It is always a good idea to try and make an escort more comfortable and relaxed in your company by starting a friendly conversation before you start anything else. Talk about casual and easy to talk about subjects, and avoid asking too many personal questions. Escorts usually don’t like when their clients try to pry too much and ask about their personal relationships, children, and similar. Keep the conversation light and make her feel good around you. Once she is comfortable in your company, her performance will also get significantly better.
  9. Pay as agreed – The clients sometimes think they can get a better price once they meet the escort. The truth is – they can’t. Once again, these people are professionals and they have their own price lists that you should respect. If you have agreed to pay one price when booking an appointment, do not try to renegotiate a different price once the meeting is over. Pay as agreed and give the escort a tip if you were particularly happy with the service. Also, have the exact amount of money prepared; do not waste her time by making her wait until you get back from an ATM.

Now that you know the basics of the escort etiquette the only thing left to do is finding the escort of your dreams and have a great time with her.