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Find your next favorite escort in Stavanger

Are you thinking about hiring a escort Stavanger? You probably already know where to look for your new favorite call girl, but did you know that there is a set of unwritten rules every escort client in Norway should follow? Without further ado, let’s talk about the basics of the escort etiquette and simple unwritten rules every client should be familiar with before they hire one of the top escort Stavangers or Oslo escort.

  1. Respect the girl you choose to go with

    When hiring sex workers, people sometimes forget that they are hiring a professional service provider who has to be treated with respect at all times. Having sex with an escort is a business transaction and as such, the escort has to be treated just like any other professional. This means that you should never be rude or aggressive and you should never try to force the call girl into doing things she does not feel like doing. No means no – as simple as that.

  2. Never be late to the meeting you’ve planned with a escort

    Being late for a meeting with an escort should be avoided whenever possible. Not only will you have to pay for the time you have wasted, but you are also making the call girl wait for you and wonder whether or not you will show up. If you cannot avoid being late for the meeting, give her a quick call and let her know. If you have to cancel the date for one reason or another, let her know as soon as possible to give her enough time to book another client. Also, once your date is at its end, pay her immediately instead of taking too long. Remember that she cannot wait for her money and keep you indefinitely because she has other clients waiting for her.

  3. No cameras, only if you ask for permission and she agrees

    Taking pictures of your escort is a big no-no, especially if you try to do it behind her back. If you want to earn bragging rights among your buddies, you can always ask the escort if it would be okay if you took a picture of the two of you. However, if she refuses, her answer is final, and you should ever try to photograph or film her secretly. For instance, if the escort is coming to meet you in your home where you have security cameras or nanny cams installed, they should be disabled before she arrives at your place. Keep in mind that a client has to respect the escort’s privacy because just like you, she also has a personal life outside of her work and it could cause her a lot of trouble if the pictures or videos of her doing her job as an escort got out. Maybe you should look for a porn experience with an Ålesund escort for outcall.

  4. Arrive at the meeting clean, always go up in your personal hygiene

    Some clients simply forget to take a shower or brush their teeth before they meet an escort Stavanger. However, if your date with a call girl involves sexual services, you should definitely always take care of your personal hygiene before you arrive at the meeting. Think of it as getting ready for any other date because making a good first impression can actually motivate the call girl to put extra effort into her performance which is definitely something you want to happen. Arrive at the meeting clean, dressed in fresh clothes, and don’t get drunk shortly before you meet her. Having a drink to calm your nerves is perfectly fine, but getting wasted can ruin the entire experience.

  5. Don’t ask too many personal questions

    When you first meet with your escort Stavanger, it would be great if you took a moment to talk to her before taking things further. A friendly conversation can help you get to know her a little better and it also gives you the chance to get comfortable in each other’s presence. However, try not to ask too many personal questions because escorts usually don’t like discussing their private life with their clients. We understand that you might be curious about her relationships, other clients, children, and similar things, but she likely does not want to get into all that. Try to keep the conversation casual instead making her even more uncomfortable with a series of inappropriate questions.

  6. Have the cash ready, but don’t show all money at once

    There is a chance that the call girl will ask you to see the money before she starts providing you with the services you ordered. This is perfectly normal and you should have the exact amount of cash ready when she arrives. Keep in mind that you have to pay as agreed because the negotiation period of the process is over once you accepted the price she first offered you. Trying to haggle when it is your turn to pay will not get you anywhere; in fact, it might get you banned from the escort agency in question altogether.

  7. Bring your own condoms, and remember to think about your safety

    We cannot stress enough how important it is to always use protection when having sex in Stavanger with an Norway escort. And while the escort will bring condoms to the meeting that you can use, we would advise you to bring your own simply to ensure that they are of the highest quality and that the size fits you right. Don’t try to convince the escort to have unprotected sex with you because not only will she refuse, but if you keep insisting, she will likely leave without providing you with any services at all.

  8. Post an honest review, if you want to make an review

    Once you and the escort part your ways, it would be useful if you took a moment to post an honest review. By sharing your experience with others, you can help the new clients determine which service providers are reliable and trustworthy and which are not. Also, if the escort agency contacts you to check on your level of satisfaction, you should tell them all about the things you liked and those you didn’t like. By providing feedback, you can help the agencies improve their services in the long run and keep only the best workers around.